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11.01.16 / OneFifty: Made with Instagrammers

Look around. Hopefully you noticed the images. We’re particularly proud of them because they all come from Instagrammers we love. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of any of the images, it will tell you who took it, and link through to their profile.

Part of what we’re doing at OneFifty is bringing together social content creators and brands with new opportunities, which work for everyone (not always the case in the current status quo). We believe social content is the future of content, and want our site to reflect our ambition to work with the most inspiring creators around.

Here’s a little bit more on the six Instagrammers you’ll find here.

One of our first images is an incredible looking cake by @fuggleantics, or Georgina. She’s a food stylist and chef, and you will definitely be hungry after looking at her profile. She can even make brussels sprouts look good. If that inspires you to get into the kitchen she’s got some great recipes on her blog.

The view of the London Eye comes from photography student @johanneswittig. He takes some clever and beautiful pictures of London, particularly using reflections and light trails. This is another one of our favourites.

@JamesBarkman is living on the road in his 1976 VW campervan and taking some amazing shots of his adventures. This is no typical gap year – he’s just spent a week walking the High Sierra trail. James sums up well why we choose this image, “there’s so much beauty right over our heads but we can go a lifetime without fully recognizing or appreciating it.”

The shot of the Shard with London sprawling in the background is by @mutinyonthebounty. George has some really original and creative ideas for capturing the city in a unique way, and hunts out some of the best vantage points to get shots like this.

@monalogue is a food and travel blogger and Instagrammer, and this fabulous picture is of her winter ‘naked’ cake (that’s a cake without frosting, we weren’t sure either…). She’s shared the recipe on her blog if it’s got your taste buds going...

Finally, our ‘skateboarder’ is freerunner and animator @pottsay. His Instagram has loads of personality with great pictures and videos. This takes some skill. He can also put together a pretty decent short film, this is his audition for the new Milk Tray Man.

Hopefully that’s given you a few follower suggestions to add to your feed…

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