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03.09.16 / OneFifty – made with more Instagrammers

Hello again, have you noticed a few changes around here? Well, we’ve got ourselves some brilliant new Instagrammers to feature. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of any of the images across the site, it will tell you who took it, and link through to their profile.

We believe social imagery defines the modern brand. So we walk the walk. We only use social images across all our materials. We’ve chosen images from another six talented photographers to add to those which you’ll already have seen on our website (there’s a blog on them here). We work with the most inspiring creators around, and our website is just one of the many channels through which we can do this.

We also wanted to tell you a bit about the creators behind the images…

The dumbbell shot was taken by Ittipol Namjan, (or @ittipol_2020), who is based in Thailand. The frequent traveller has a penchant for street photography. His light drenched scenes and intriguing portraits will take you far away from that early morning commute.

Not only does @thechiefs29’s bio include some of Ian Brown’s greatest lyrics, he also takes a pretty amazing photo. The majority of Mark’s photos are taken out and about in his motherland, Scotland. We love the bike photo which confirms he is an expert when it comes to embracing a bold filter.

The enticing cafe interior image comes from Katya, or @eastlondonmornings. We particularly like this one because Le Pain Quotidien was often where we went when OneFifty was being planned! For the most picturesque coffee spots in East London and beyond, this is the account to follow. Then, once you’ve picked one to visit, and you’ve got a warm frothy drink in hand, head over to to read all about Katya’s project to publish an art guide to the best Hackney morning spots.

We love the pizza photo from @jonnymagazine, be careful though, it’ll no doubt make you crave Italy’s finest fast food. Luckily, we’ve got a great little place near our office so can happily stare at this image until lunchtime hits. Jonny’s photos are bold and striking, from English countryside to towering NY skyscrapers, his compositions are perfection.

Those dream-like dandelions beneath a starry sky were captured by @saeedal3amri. Al Amri told us that whilst studying in the UK, a photographer complimented his work, which inspired him to delve into the art. For the past 11 years he has self-educated and refined his talent. That photographer was clearly right, Al Amri’s landscapes and portraits are out of this world and nothing less than professional.

Our cows come from @zanasarah and is a reminder of weekend breaks and country walks when we’re working away in the city. Zana’s clearly got skill when it comes to photography, as well as a good pun (this image was entitled ‘Might be mooving to the county soon’). We look forward to following her adventures.

Last, but by no means least, you might have spotted @thebowlerman in his photo. This unique account documents his wanderings around the city and countryside. He’ll always be somewhere in the photo – sometimes it takes a moment to spot him, but he’s there, and always wearing that faithful hat. An account full of skilfully edited images that are often, intriguingly, absent of any other being, we’re not surprised he already has a substantial following.

Give them all a follow and you’ll never be short of Instagram inspiration (or envy!). If you fancy more of this in your life, follow us on Instagram, where we curate them.


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