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27.03.20 / Bored at home and looking for a lockdown hobby? TikTok might just have the answer…

Alice is here for you, as is TikTok. 

It’s a tough time right now. You don’t need us to tell you that. And with the constant streams of information out there it’s easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes.
But there are also some positives to be found, if you know where to look.
Enter: Tiktok 
Back in February we wrote a blog post about how we’ve been tracking TikTok trends. Everyday we have been taking note of the top three trending hashtags and their key stats, mapping out any patterns.
Recently, we’ve noticed a shift in these trends as the nation’s TikTokers are banding together in a bid to make this time a little easier for everyone, or to just give out some well deserved recognition.

Here’s a summary of the top trending hashtags we identified: 

  • #houseofTikTok is centred around finding ways to occupy yourself in the age of social distancing and includes a link to support the World Health Organisation. Among the top trending videos we have seen cooking tutorials, impressive home crafting projects and home workout sessions. 
  • #handwashingmove saw some rather inventive takes on handwashing techniques from the British Red Cross to encourage good hand hygiene, and a custom screen filter to really drive the point home.  
  • #workoutfromhome saw a whole host of freely available and easily replicable at home workout routines for you to have a go at. It coincided rather well with our current office work from home mantra – “Fitter not Fatter’….
  • #cupboardcooking was a welcome encouragement to finally step up our cooking game, and maybe try out our own version of a Nando’s staple
  • NHS workers also made a well deserved appearance.  #stayathome saw the staff themselves create videos to encourage the public to stay at home, whilst #thankyounhs, which coincided with the national call to applaud the NHS on 26th March, featured some heartfelt messages of appreciation for those on the frontline.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, or just really bored, TikTok could be the place to go for a little light relief, and perhaps a new hobby. And who knows, it might just set you on the road to mastering some impressive clay fish art of your own one day.

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