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Podcasts to get you through the day – the update

Sarah here! It’s been six months since I wrote my last article on ‘Podcasts to get you through the day’, and since then I’ve had numerous friends, colleagues and clients tell me they loved the recommendations (you’re welcome!), plus quite a few who shared their own podcast faves. So in the lead up to the Christmas holidays, also known as a week of prime listening time, it feels like a good opportunity to update you with a few new listens below – and don’t forget to read the original list here.

Ologies- It’s fun to learn and science is cool. Fact. A ‘comedic science’ podcast from Alie Ward, and the perfect listen if you’ve got an hour to waste and want to learn something new. Pro tip: listen to ‘Osteology’ aka the science of skeletons – fascinating. 

Startup – in a startup or want to know the inner workings of what goes on when you’re setting up a business? Go for a pint/wine with Alex or Katie. Not got the time or appetite for that? Listen to startup and follow Alex Blumberg as he sets up his podcast empire, Gimlet media (those who read my last blog post will know I listen to almost all of their podcasts).

DTR – the show all about dating. Great for smug couples who want to date vicariously through single people, DTR is not only full of great stories, but is a prime example of how brands can do branded podcasts in a way that doesn’t feel like marketing overload. This one’s a hookup (see what I did there) between Gimlet media and Tinder – alas it’s a couple of years old and they don’t seem to have another series en route, but it’s good for a laugh (and the marketing research, obviously). Read what the Guardian has to say about it here.

Tailenders – a recommendation from Alex and Olivia in the office. A load of indie lads chat cricket. V English.   

The High Low – if you’re a woman on the internet between 20 and 40, you probably listen to this one already, so I apologise if I’m preaching to the converted – The High Low is full of news, drama and general chit chattering from authors Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. I actually don’t listen to this one any more, but everyone I ever meet seems to, so give it a go. 

The Horror of Dolores Roach – listen, I never said this list was going to be all smart stuff. This one blurs the boundaries between audiobook and podcast, a gruesome fictional tale told over 30 minute minisodes. It’s got empanadas, cannibalism and gritty New York horror. What more could you want!? 

On that note… I think a new list of audiobook recommendations is up next…



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