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Reality stars and TikTok – a match made in social heaven

If you’ve had your head stuck in the sand, especially during lockdown, TikTok is a thing. And what’s even more perfect is the BOOM of reality star sounds. We are talking about the current day – Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Carole Baskin – back to the days of the BEST celeb BB ever and the GC (Gemma Collins). Becki is going to tell you what you need to know.

What is a sound?

That’s the song/track you make your TikTok too (we’ve made a super handy guide for how to make your first TikTok here) and whilst we started with songs to make funny, beautiful or, dare we say, it “sexy” dances too, as with all things beautiful it’s evolved to include the sounds of people voices.

And why do reality stars make this so perfect?

Because we’ve all heard of those famous TV moments when a wannabe celeb makes comedy gold. Nikki Graham, we’re looking at you. Those moments you just rewatch over and over again (David’s Dead – Tiffany – Celeb BB 2016) and TikTok is the perfect place to use those one-liners. No other platform offers you a simple way to do this like our beloved TikTok.

Which celebs are making the grade?

The one and only GC – this sound has 18.5k videos using it.

Love Island’s Amber – this sound has 20.2k videos using it.

@anastasiakingsnorthWhen your boyfriend who isn’t your boyfriend likes another girls photo tehe

Big Brother’s, Chloe Ferry – this sound has 13.7k videos using it.

Tiger King – this sound has 24.1k videos using it.

Are celebs making themselves famous?

Interestingly, celebs don’t seem to be using or creating their own sounds – other users are, and making themselves better known on TikTok this way. Take @gemtollerfield (165.3k followers). She made the famous Megan McKenna I need to eat food sound – it’s been used in 28.6k videos. So why aren’t celebs making themselves more famous with their own sounds? Well, first up, the majority of these sounds are mocking (mostly in a fair/friendly way) the celeb in question, so it doesn’t work for them to use it. Secondly, a fair few of our famous sound celebs aren’t actually on TikTok (the GC included, a travesty) so they quite simply can’t create them. That doesn’t stop other celebs using them. A real star with this is Kady McDermott, who uses sounds to boost her own presence. Like using GC sounds here, here and Kim K here and of course, Tiger King here.

Why are only certain celeb sounds being used?

As we’ve said before, the almost pantomime-like use of celeb sounds is a major factor in why they’re used so much. A sound of Gwyneth Paltrow banging on about Goop again (FYI Gwyneth doesn’t have any sounds at the moment) just isn’t going to cut the mustard here. It’s over the top, can’t believe they said that celebs, that make the grade, not the idolised ones. The Kardashians are very popular for this. Obviously.

How are brands using this?

The likes of Love Island and Big brother, use their own sounds, with their own copyright, across TikTok. In the main, these are coupled with the original clip, which whilst funny, is no different to what you can do on YouTube or Twitter. Where these sounds come into their own is when they are coupled with funny or relatable videos, and taken in a new context that the audience can connect with. It allows an extension of the audience for reality shows – catching those people who might not watch a whole series but who will engage in the big moments. Take for example, the GC (again, there’s a theme here) and her famous – “I’m claustrophobic Darren” from Big Brother – this sound was almost made for lockdown and became perfectly relatable when used in videos such as this one. Users can’t recreate this on any other platform and so this is where TikTok comes into its own.

@thebowensMe after a week of self isolation. (Don’t worry guys I’m not going anywhere, just to sulk in the garden) ##gemmacollins ##foryoupage ##foryou.♬ original sound – 16kyro

There aren’t an overwhelming amount of brands using celeb sounds and this could simply be a copyright issue. Music is intrinsically built into TikTok, and brands don’t shy away from using those, but only a few seem to have ventured into celeb sounds. However, Pretty Little Thing, have just recently chosen to use a sound from Amber on Love Island and it works perfectly for their audience.

@prettylittlethingI’m bothered @chloeroseofcl 😜 We are following 3 people back who like and comment on this post 👀✨ GO! 🦄##loveisland ##humour ##fashion♬ Follow evie fensome – jade22__

So where does this leave us?

It leaves us basking in the nostalgia of Big Brother 2016, Love Island (series 2 for the win) and other glorious moments of true pantomime that only reality tv can bring and waiting to see which brands can truly bring sounds to life.

Looking to bring your brand to life on TikTok? Let’s grab a virtual coffee.


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