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The Internet’s worst kept organic social secret

Sarah’s back to tell us why Giphy is the Gif that keeps on giving.

It’s been three months since we first told you about the world’s best kept organic social secret (or, technically, worst kept, given we keep shouting about it), Giphy. It’s fair to say during those ~UnPrEsCedeNtEd~ few months the world’s seen many changes but there’s one thing which has stayed the same throughout, and that’s our love for a GIF.

If you haven’t read all about why we love Giphy so much, have a quick look here, and then head back for our update 👇

So, now you’re up to speed, here’s 3 more things you need to know…

Verification seems to be getting faster

We’ve verified a couple of accounts and whilst the official word on the street (well, website) is that it could take a month, we’re seeing verification for brands happening within 24 hours now. How do we know that? We made our very own Giphy account. You can have a look here [link]. In the 1 month we’ve been on the platform, we’ve seen 116k views of our content. Not bad considering our only investment in this was our time making the GIFs.

Upload to availability on Instagram stories is instantaneous – meaning real-time marketing is accessible to small brands

If you follow any of #MarketingTwitter you’ll see that real time marketing’s been cast aside in recent years in favour of what I’m calling the ‘lost all imagination, just like to spend big brand bucks with high frequency’ school of thought. Its the older, and let’s be honest, more predictable cousin. And spending big bucks is great when you have them to spend – but what Byron Sharp et al have forgotten is that there are smaller, newer brands who don’t have that luxury.

What’s great about Giphy is that uploads on the platform from a verified account are, in our experience, available in real-time on Instagram stories and other channels. Magic. This opens up the playing field for smaller brands who can jump on a trend and create a branded GIF reacting to it quickly (without layers of bureaucracy holding them back), letting them reach new audiences in real time. Will Insta stickers significantly shift the dial for these brands when it comes to share of market? Maybe not. But do they give an opportunity for brands to reach new people in a way that’s native to their platform use and non-invasive, without paying for media? Yes.

People love dancing skeleton man and poo emojis 💩

We mentioned a few months ago that analytics data for Giphy is barely existent and unfortunately nothing has changed there (come on Giphy, get a move on) BUT we have been enjoying the ‘trending GIFs and stickers’ sections of the site, which helps give an insight into what’s trending and how people are reacting to the world, frame by frame.

Of course, Halloween GIFs are right up there at the moment, shortly to be replaced (we assume) by fireworks, toffee apples and thanksgiving, depending on where you live. And when it comes to Emojis? The top trending is officially 💩


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