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Authentic video content of the Airbnb experience

Bringing the brand to life through video content from influencers.


The campaign was designed to showcase family friendliness, so we developed an influencer framework to tell the Airbnb story through authentic video content.


Researched and approached 18 family influencers across DE, FR and UK. They went on a 3-day European trip. A video-/photographer joined them to capture them. The resulting images were incorporated into a quiz and social media posts on Airbnb channels.


We got influencers to talk about the ease and family-friendliness of staying in an Airbnb. It exposed Airbnb to an audience they previously found difficult to reach. The diversity in content provided wide-appeal and gave Airbnb a bank of content to use as promotional assets to launch their family-typology quiz. Over 2 weeks, influencer content achieved 827K earned impressions and 301K engagements from 119 individual pieces of content.



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