CEO Comms for Unilever

Helping Unilever CEO Alan Jope to use digital media to engage in a way few previous CEOs have been able.


Alan Jope, having become Unilever’s CEO in 2019, wants to create his own comms platform using digital media to engage in a way few previous CEOs have been able. This means differentiating himself with a meaningful, ownable territory, building on his long standing commitment to diversity and inclusion (whilst being aligned with Unilever’s overall messages)


To define that ownable territory we undertook an audience mapping project. This allowed us to explore different, relevant topics, analysing what gets engagement and who holds influence, amongst key stakeholder audiences.

We identified youth as a relevant and credible platform. It’s timely in the context of COVID-19 and uses Unilever’s global scale and progressive reputation in a way few businesses can
We identify daily engagement opportunities, draft content for his social channels, proactively build his audience and create activations that align with his comms pillars.


We’re just getting started but at the beginning of 2020 Alan’s channels were broadcast only. He’s since moved from 6th to 2nd in the peer group we track against for CEO social comms, and has had viral successes such as connecting K-pop, climate change and the UN General Assembly.