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An award winning digital quiz driving real life accommodation bookings

A gold winner at the Digital Impact Awards, helping driving commercial impact for iQ student.


One of the UK’s leading providers of student housing, iQ Student, prides itself on delivering the best home-from-home environment – which also comes at a slightly higher price point so seeing (the difference) is believing. We needed to bring this to life between Oct - Dec 2022, the most commercially important window in the year as room availability for the next academic year (23/24) opens. For overall revenue management attracting early bookings from current and future residents is key.


The digital element of the overall ‘Launch To Market’ campaign focused on TikTok and combined creator content, a highly shareable ‘genius’* digital quiz, with innovative data capture format to ensure it was highly commercial.

*According to the Judges at the Digital Impact Awards who gave it Gold!


iQ gave it a First!

We got 73 bookings directly attributable to the campaign, at a 22X return on investment (and not accounting for the 560 leads supplied to the sales team!).



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