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Introducing polenta to the UK with Polenta Valsugana

A campaign with 2 goals: drive sales, and secure wider listings in supermarkets.


Low levels of current awareness and purchase meant the primary objective was to increase mental availability around polenta, aimed at encouraging product purchase and increasing sales. The secondary objectives in the medium term was demonstrating successful expansion of polenta’s appeal to support Polenta Valsugana securing wider listings.


Our research suggested that the level and sentiment of response to a previously unknown brand needs targeted audiences allied with strong influencing campaigns. Influencers were to generate awareness, followers and provide content for the Instagram channel. This was aligned with paid media in the UK. With 22 influencers we created content that showed the versatility of polenta through recipes, which fuelled organic and paid social content.


In 11 months we reached 7.98 million and had 4,198 organic engagements, whilst in the first five months alone we drove 35,600 people direct to a retailer to buy.



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