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Demonstrating results for SCI from two weeks at COP26

Using the COP26 panel as a launch point for a more comprehensive and intensive approach to digital communications and for the launch of a new Instagram channel.


The primary aim of paid media was the amplification and growth of SCI brand awareness in a very short period around a specific conference (COP26) - generating high profile interactions from C-Suite industry audiences (via LinkedIn) and youthful audiences (primarily via Instagram).


We had two audiences to get in front of - C-Suite targets on LinkedIn and the Youth on Facebook and Instagram – with a high impact campaign that would regularly and effectively lead that audience to land on the SCI site pages. We initially used video ads that demonstrated what SCI was doing at COP26 and then further down the line what events/ awards SCI was offering.


There was an exceptional level of interest from our Youth audience on Instagram, averaging a CTR of 5.71% - 4 percentage points higher than forecasted. We reached 1/3 of the total industry audience on LinkedIn, driving traffic to the SCI website, ensuring 4,438 people clicked through to the website.



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