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Campaigning for Free School Meals for 800,000 kids on Universal Credit with The Food Foundation

Food Foundation are a charity fighting for good, sustainable food for children across the UK.


Our mission was to create a campaign that could work across platforms & mediums, bringing together a large group of partners in a cohesive messaging framework for a short campaign to get the Government to expand Free School Meals to all children on Universal Credit.


We created #FeedTheFuture - the brand, the design and messaging framework for the campaign, producing 100+ assets to be used in paid and organic comms. Alongside mapping the key audiences on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we created the messaging matrix to successfully reach them and then activated through dark ads.


The campaign reached nearly 3.8 million people for a spend of just under £20k, with 157,112 link clicks at a cost of 13p. It resulted in over 3,500 emails sent to MPs.



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