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Borrowing Power(ful results) with Zopa

Iterative advertising to pinpoint key moments in an acquisition journey.


Set against the context of an unexpected turn of events in 2020 we had a tougher ask than anticipated and we had to swiftly flex fast. Borrowing Power was all about getting people to download the Zopa app and find out how much they could borrow with a Zopa loan.


We created an iterative testing model to understand the exact moment that a customer is likely to convert and the moment they drop out of the funnel. We did this by creating a sequential tracked chain of adverts, the second wave of which could only be viewed by those who had seen the first wave and so on with each wave set to a frequency of 1, meaning that it could be seen once before moving to the next wave. We bought for clicks towards an app download link, so we tracked and analysed both brand actions (link clicks) and product actions (app downloads).

We had a heavy focus on advert retargeting using paid media to drive downloads amongst viewers of video content. We used a 1% lookalike audience of people who were closest to their current customers, ensuring we were efficient from the get-go.


Sophisticated paid media targeting produced demonstrable results for app downloads, and we were able to pinpoint the ideal exposure levels for app downloads and clicks, minimising wastage



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