Meet our team

Katie Buckett

Katie is a digital brand communications expert, with experience working both in and for global and UK organisations. She began her career within Vauxhall’s marketing communications team, and has subsequently worked as a digital brand communications consultant across sectors as diverse as consumer technology and professional services. She has co-ordinated global multi-market programmes around digital creative, influencer identification, social activation, and community management.


Alex Pearmain

Alex was one of the early UK pioneers of brand social media adoption. He has built awarded social media, service, communications, and digital marketing teams for consultancies, agencies and within major brands. His work at O2, as the first head of Social Media demonstrated that it was possible and desirable for major organisations to utilise social media at scale across customer services, sales, retention, brand and communications activity, blazing a trail for other brands to invest and adopt. He brings together analytical data and creative strategies.


Anne-Catherine Kaiser, Senior Consultant

Anne-Catherine is a passionate world traveller and employee number one at OneFifty. Her work goes well beyond reports and measurement frameworks, delivering insights on how audiences behave on social. Before joining OneFifty, she completed her Master of International Business in China and worked for a large UK-based Telco in consumer and brand research. Her occasional use of a German, French, and even Spanish word in an otherwise, perfectly correct English sentence, best describe her cosmopolitan character.

Sarah Morton, Senior Consultant

Having worked both agency and client side over the past eight years, Sarah has a particular strength in leading and advising clients, as well as devising content-led social programmes to drive meaningful engagement.

After studying French and Communications at Nottingham University, she started her career as a social media consultant for tech companies, before moving to London to become Just-Eat’s social media manager, setting the tone of voice the brand is now so recognised for.

More recently, she was the sales and marketing manager at Lorega – supporting commercial relationships between the insurance company and insurance brokers by communicating the breadth of its products and services.

Alicia Barham, Senior Consultant

Dual British/Australian nationality and growing up in England, Italy, Scotland and France has been a major factor in Alicia’s keen interest in people, cultures, and behaviours. After graduating with a First Class MA (Hons) in History of Art from the University of Glasgow, Alicia moved to London and started her career in the media industry, working her way up in a global media network. Here she enjoyed building, managing and leading a Social Insight team, working in multidisciplinary teams, and creating bespoke insight solutions for clients. This is experience she brings to OneFifty in helping to drive strategies, planning, and programmes for clients. In her spare time, she enjoys taking advantage of living in one of the best cities in the world for art, music and culture, as well as getting away with occasional travel.

Laura McReynolds, Consultant

Laura graduated from the University of Oxford after studying English Language and Literature. At OneFifty, her focus is the use of language in manipulating social behaviours and adapting to new and evolving platforms. Outside of work Laura pursues her interest in music, playing in a local band and enjoying the vibrant London music scene.

Monica Sandhu, Consultant

Monica got involved with OneFifty through work experience. It was here, she quickly discovered her passionate interest in the digital marketing world and so began her career as a permanent member of the team. Her charming personality and creative background allows her to focus on many relationship building campaigns as well as content writing. Monica’s hard work continues to shine outside of work, through the several charity programmes she is involved in, including volunteering as a dental nurse in the rural areas of Morocco.

Daniel Tucker, Junior Consultant

After studying Politics and History at the University of Manchester, Daniel developed a greater interest in examining why people do the things they do. He enjoys asking questions of how (and why) people are able to shape social, economic and cultural changes in the world. Now he is able to pursue his interest in digital marketing, asking similar sorts of questions – how can brands in the social media sphere shape their brands? Daniel has always had an interest in research; being a (published) contributor to The Official Arsenal Magazine in 2011 as a Junior Researcher.

Natalie Glaze, Relationship Manager

Natalie is not only a professional content creator – running both a very successful blog and Instagram channel – she’s also a Digital Media Consultant at OneFifty. She advises on how to identify and form meaningful relationships with those who hold real influence for a brand. There is nothing she doesn’t know about travel, fitness and Matcha, she’ll never say no to brunch!

Rebecca Vest, Junior Consultant

After studying French at the University of Glasgow, Rebecca developed a keen interest in how language affects our social behaviours and the interaction between different cultures around the world. At OneFifty, she applies her understanding of languages to both analytical and creative projects in digital marketing. In her free time Rebecca enjoys keeping fit, travelling and learning new languages.

Guy Hannay, Junior Consultant

Guy has recently finished reading a masters in Geospatial Analysis at University College London. Here, Guy developed his interest in creating a compelling story and rational insights through data analytics and data visualisation. At OneFifty, his focus is to analyse social data to provide actionable insights for clients to help their social presence online. Outside of work, Guy is an avid rock climber and frequently travels around the UK and abroad to do so.

Emma Smith, Senior Finance Manager

Emma has been with OneFifty since day one and is responsible for all the day-to-day financial needs and keeping everything on the straight and narrow. When she’s not crunching numbers and spreadsheets she’s researching her next travel destination.