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Social media is good

There we said it.

It’s a dirty concept.

Verboten, ‘other’, naive.

But, for all the challenges it presents, social media is about progress.

About emancipation from control of information, about empowerment of individuals, about the irrecoverable movement toward meritocracies.

Call me (us) idealistic? Fair.

Call us negative, quitters, cynical? NEVER.

Social media, for all the challenges, retains the transformative power to empower individuals, concepts and economic efficiency. That’s worth standing up for.

Headlines about “social media fatigue” are just that – usage has never been higher. People aren’t quitting in droves, they’re refocusing on their usage. We are a population in control and cognisant. That’s to be celebrated not critiqued. Vested interests aren’t going to tell you that.

This is the opening act.

And we’re clapping loudly.


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