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LinkedIn Inbox for brand / company pages - the feature we all knew they needed before LinkedIn did.

LinkedIn brand / company page inboxes - here's how they may work.

LinkedIn has (relatively quietly) rolled out inboxes for LinkedIn brand / company pages (not to be confused with InMail or Conversation ads)

Years after other social platforms, it’s always been a curiosity that you couldn’t privately message a brand page. It began with LinkedIn’s origins, where you simply listed your employer, rather than it being a platform where brands marketed themselves.

Those years are long gone, and the need for a LinkedIn brand page inbox has been real.

Key use cases for brand page inboxes include:

  • Handling in-bound sales enquiries

  • Customer service - especially where you need to authenticate a customer with sensitive info

  • Reputation / issues management

  • Campaign activations (e.g. giveaways or similar)

  • Influencer/Stakeholder engagement

OneFifty's LinkedIn Inbox on our brand/company page
Our very own LinkedIn Inbox

What do you need to know about LinkedIn Brand Page Inboxes?

  • You have to be a super-admin or content admin to use the inbox. This will present governance issues around who can access for some organisations

  • There’s (currently) no way to integrate into conversation management software, requiring direct access, and preventing integration into at-scale customer service workflows

  • You can’t block users on LinkedIn, meaning trolls will be able to persistently communicate directly - BUT you can turn this feature off if the above issues make it an unviable tool for your business needs right now

TikTok has grabbed the headlines in recent years for growth, but there’s a good case for LinkedIn as the platform that has made the most meaningful improvements to the product offering.


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