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Instagram Algorithm 2024: What brands need to know about Instagram's Discover Algorithm update

Instagram announced late last week that they’re modifying the Discover algorithm.

Whilst this represents a minority of time spent inside the app (estimated at c.20% of time spent), it represents the majority of how content is discovered which isn’t surfaced by your immediate network of followers. So, this is significant from an audience growth, but also from a strategic perspective.

Instagram has acknowledged that the current method favours high-reach established creators. The new model will encourage smaller creators. Sound a bit (lot) like TikTok? It is. 

Instagram Algorithm for Discover 2024

You’ll hear some excited hype around what Instagram's algorithm update means for brands.

Likely nothing, however - as brand accounts are treated differently to begin with, and almost certainly will be - they get limited algorithm traction. It’s not in Meta’s (ad business) interest to change that.

So, realistically, there are potential moderate impacts for an influencer strategy on Instagram, whereby micro influencers may play a bigger part in content discovery and visibility campaigns - but the effect is likely to be greater for consumers’ scrolling, and influencer’s metrics.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us to chat about what this could mean for your brand.


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