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What you can learn about working at OneFifty, from the daily lives of those doing it already...

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been doing something a little bit different each morning at OneFifty. No, it’s not a new type of coffee or standup meeting (although those do happen) - it’s a little ritual called “A Day in the Life”. 

Each day, a member of the team gives us an overview of what it’s like to spend a day in their shoes, shared with the team on Slack. 

We’ve had various formats; an excel spreadsheet (the finance department), TikTok videos, PDF presentations, Instagram live streams and even a website built especially for it (guilty...), and it’s been an enjoyable opportunity to get to know each other better, and to celebrate our diversity and differences across the team. 

However, what has also been very interesting is the shared habits we’ve seen across members of the team, which reflect some of the values we believe in as a business.

So, working at OneFifty, what's it like?

Here are a few of the common themes running through the team’s daily lives, and what you can learn from it if you're thinking of working with or for OneFifty Consultancy...

Working at OneFifty Consultancy - icons showing a day in the life of a OneFifty employee

Sports and coaching culture

We’re big on sports at OneFifty. From coaching culture to sports analogies, sports is one area that infiltrates OneFifty life in many ways, so it’s not a surprise that running, cycling and gymming all show up across the team at various points in the day. 

Does this mean you have to be an athlete to work at OneFifty? No. Taking care of your physical health is important, sure. But sports is as much about the mindset as the physical act here. Just listen to Pep Guardiola on that one. It’s about drive, communication and flexibility, and learning to push yourself further - all things that help a career in marketing.

Go hard, go home harder

The team work hard, when they’re not spending an hour making a website to tell people how hard they work (yep, that was me). But they go home harder, and focus their time on the things they love in the evening (or first thing in the morning before work). Whether starting the day with a 5k run pre-work or cooking with friends, families and flatmates in the evening, the team are all about making the most of their time - in and out of the office. 

What does this mean for you, a potential employee of OneFifty? “Go hard, go home harder” is a motto you hear often at OneFifty. It’s why we give people 30 days holiday (AND bank holidays on top) to use in a year, and why we have flexible working hours. So when you work at OneFifty Consultancy, you come in, get your stuff done, whilst still doing the things outside of work that matter to you.

Working at OneFifty - go hard, ho home harder


Introducing our most popular team member, the coffee machine. Or at least you’d think it was - the number of times people mentioned coffee confirms its top-tier status amongst the team, closely followed by matcha lattes, cups of tea, and, of course, the occasional beverage at our local favourite, The Lucky Saint. 

Now you don’t have to drink hot drinks or alcohol to work at OneFifty - in fact, you don’t have to drink anything at all, though we’d very strongly recommend at least a few glasses of water in the day to, you know, keep you alive. But...

Working at OneFifty - Coffee Budget

Sometimes it’s just really great to take 5 to think things through over a cuppa. We have a few communal drinks areas in our office, whether you need a quick chat over our very fancy and very tasty coffee machine, or a relaxing catch-up over a glass of wine at the office bar (yes, you read that right, an office bar). It's a tasty way of bringing people together, whatever your tipple of choice. 

It’s also why there’s a ‘coffee’ budget when you first start working at OneFifty, to get to know your colleagues informally with a brew.

Milk no sugar, please. 

So there you have it…

We’re all different and spend our working and non-working hours very differently, regardless of role, seniority or grouping, but the core values and behaviours of the team reflect some of the same values within the business.  It's been a great way to get to know each other more and celebrate the team a little bit differently, every day.

Want to see more? 

Check out our day-in-the-life videos from our trainees over on Instagram or TikTok.


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