We are a consultancy which uses data and models of human behaviour to drive purposeful digital interactions, with the people who matter.

Let’s be architects of what comes next.


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We work with brands and individuals to use data and models of human behaviour to drive purposeful digital interactions.


We work with organisations to develop strategies, models and capabilities for the socially-driven world.


We use the explosion of social data to extract answers, which can drive action for businesses and society. We provide products and consultancy.


We define models of influence and supply the platform to engage those who make a difference in social media.

Social media has changed the way organisations operate, and we work with marketing, brand, communications and customer services teams at brands including:

Let’s be architects of what comes next.


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14.05.19 / Podcasts to get you through the day - from Sarah

There are many things that I’m proud of contributing to at OneFifty; outstanding creative campaigns, stellar client service… but most of all my ‘#WorthListeningTo’ Slack channel in which I regularly share Podcasts that I believe the team should listen to.

But why podcasts? Podcasts, quite simply, are my hobby. I binge them like a Netflix series, and it turns out I’m not alone in that either. Research by Ofcom in September 2018 shows that over 6 million people tune in to a Podcast each week; a number which has doubled in just 5 years. When it comes to young adults (15-24),

08.04.19 / Instagram Trends 2019: An Update

Earlier this year, we developed research around Instagram Trends for 2019, which we’ve since been presenting across our client roster and friends of OneFifty. In this, we outline the importance of Instagram as a social media channel, platform trends for this year, and reflect on consumer behaviour trends that emerged towards the end of last year, into this year. At the end of every quarter, we’ll be marking our own homework, by assessing the performance of our predicted trends.


So, which trends have kicked off since January?


1) We predicted that…

10.01.19 / 3 things that scared me when I decided to join OneFifty

As a general rule in our industry, once you go client side, you never go back. So when Alex and Katie asked me to join them at OneFifty, leaving my cushy 9-5 job behind and jumping back into the world of client management, it’s fair to say I was a little apprehensive.


I’ve known Alex and Katie for years (in fact we met when I was Alex’s client at Just Eat) so I knew it wouldn’t be so bad, and even if it was, I could…