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We work with brands and individuals to use data and models of human behaviour to drive purposeful digital interactions.


We work with organisations to develop strategies, models and capabilities for the socially-driven world.


We use the explosion of social data to extract answers, which can drive action for businesses and society. We provide products and consultancy.


We define models of influence and supply the platform to engage those who make a difference in social media.

Social media has changed the way organisations operate, and we work with marketing, brand, communications and customer services teams at brands including:

Let’s be architects of what comes next.


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19.06.20 / How brands can take advantage of a new Google ad feature – Google Shopping

Dan is going to tell you everything you need to know.

Let’s create a scenario.

It’s 2021 and you’re planning a trip to Ibiza (why wouldn’t you plan a visit to the party island!?) and you need your usual clothing items and accessories, i.e. a nice pair of sunglasses, vests, socks. Usually, we know what item we intend to purchase and the brand that we want to purchase from. Trainers? Nike, easy! 

But… What if you wanted to compare an item from a couple of brands first before…

16.06.20 / Getting GIPHY with it

Sarah is a big fan of GIFs and Stickers. This is why you should be too.

GIFs have come a long way since their humble beginnings back in 1987 – at one time banished only to the depths of tumblr blogs and Reddit forums, GIFs have made the biggest comeback since Michael Jordan in ‘95. The millennial’s meme format of choice, GIFs are the poster child of effort-free Internet messaging, in which Patrick Stewart facepalming can say more than words ever could – it’s no wonder the Oxford Dictionary named ‘GIF’ their word of…

12.06.20 / What the latest PlayStation launch says about purchase intent

The PS5 has just been announced. Anne-Catherine is going to tell you why you should care.

It’s been a little while since you heard from the numbers girl at OneFifty (which we all are, but only yesterday I was called the analyst supremo – an exquisite club to be in). Enough words, as that clearly isn’t my strength… Let some numbers speak.

Yesterday, PlayStation revealed the new PS5 via social. And let me tell you, some of these stats will blow your mind. 

  • The live event broke 1 million views on Twitch and 2 million on YouTube

18.05.20 / Reality stars and TikTok – a match made in social heaven

If you’ve had your head stuck in the sand, especially during lockdown, TikTok is a thing. And what’s even more perfect is the BOOM of reality star sounds. We are talking about the current day – Hey all you cool cats and kittens, it’s Carole Baskin – back to the days of the BEST celeb BB ever and the GC (Gemma Collins). Becki is going to tell you what you need to know. 

What is a sound? 

That’s the song/track you make your TikTok too (we’ve made a super handy guide for how to make your…

05.05.20 / Productivity Hacks 2.0: 8 of the best Google Chrome extensions

In Sarah’s last productivity hacks article, she gave you a few of our favourite tricks of the trade to be more productive during the day. Now it’s time for the Google Chrome extensions addition. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Google Chrome Extensions Store, you’re missing out on a veritable treasure trove of internet gadgetry. Extensions are basically mini-programs which work in your Chrome browser to give added functionality – they can be built by Google itself, your favourite websites or developers who just…

27.04.20 / Making your at home office feel like an at work office

We’ve all been WFH for a little while. Here’s how Becki is making it an office away from the office. 

There are loads of wonderful blogs flying around about #wfh tips (just like this one from our very own Olivia, here) and we are all very much nailing our new life at home (mostly.) However one thing here at OneFifty that we pride ourselves on is that we, whilst doing the most excellent work, also have fun. That shift to an online workplace, made us realise how many “little moments” we all enjoyed in…

04.04.20 / A short guide to uploading your first TikTok

If you’ve spent any time on social media recently, you’ve probably seen people sharing the top TikTok challenges on Instagram and Twitter – you don’t have to be using TikTok to recognise the Dream Feet Dance (you probably know it as the ‘TikTok foot dance’ though) or the Emoji Challenge (again, you might know it as the ‘TikTok hand dance’). You’ve probably wondered how these videos are made, but been too shy to give them a go – well now’s the ideal time to download the…

27.03.20 / Bored at home and looking for a lockdown hobby? TikTok might just have the answer…

Alice is here for you, as is TikTok. 

It’s a tough time right now. You don’t need us to tell you that. And with the constant streams of information out there it’s easy to feel overwhelmed sometimes.
But there are also some positives to be found, if you know where to look.
Enter: Tiktok 
Back in February we wrote a blog post about how we’ve been tracking TikTok trends. Everyday we have been taking note of the top three trending hashtags and…

17.03.20 / How to WFH – you’re going to need these tips

Olivia has been working from home for the last two weeks and we’ve all been grateful for these tips. So in true OneFifty style, we’re sharing. 

As a proclaimed WFH expert (according to my boss on an all-team google hangout this morning, thank you Alex) following two weeks of doing so, here are my top tips for you during these upcoming months. 

Get up at a normal time.

If you’re logging on at 9am don’t get up at 8:50am – trust me, that extra bit of sleep it is not conducive to a productive day’s work. Keep your alarm…

09.03.20 / Shut the front door, data is great

As a Senior Consultant at OneFifty, Anne-Catherine looks at patterns of data and decision frameworks every day. So, when it comes to buying a property this is how she’s used this approach find her perfect home. It might save you some time if you’re house hunting… 

For most of us, buying a flat or house is a big thing and we put extra effort into it. Whether you like spreadsheets and data or not, you probably have (or will end up) creating one to track all the possible properties you can buy, the price, maybe the agent’s…

14.02.20 / How Twitter got me my first (and most recent) job

On her 10th Twitterversary, Senior Consultant Sarah reflects on why Twitter is her first love…


We humans are fickle things. We loved Bibo and MySpace back in the day, Facebook had its moment of glory; now we’re all over TikTok and can’t make up our minds whether Byte is the new Vine or we’re too busy watching Insta Stories to care. Let’s not even get into Snapchat. But here’s why Twitter will always have a special place in my heart.  


Having Twitter got me my first job in social media in 2010. 

I can remember the first account…

11.02.20 / Would you like a sports analogy with that?

Here at OneFifty, we (I say we, but I mean Alex Pearmain), loves a sports analogy/metaphor. Big client meeting? That’s my Game 7 in the NBA finals. It works because it’s relatable. We get it. 

I’m (and this is Dan, by the way) now going to tell you how I use the philosophy of Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, to optimise my performance at OneFifty. And before you mention it – no, I’m just a suffering Arsenal fan who enjoys reading about sport-based philosophies.

Pep Guardiola (also known as “Fraudiola” depending on who you support) has…

06.02.20 / TikTok trends – what goes viral, and how to predict it?

As 2019’s most downloaded app, TikTok has seen a huge surge in popularity over the last year, with not just individuals but brands, organisations and celebrities flocking to the platform in a quest to produce the next viral video. 

But what makes a successful Tiktok? In true OneFifty style we’ve turned to the data to find out. Every day for the past month we’ve been tracking the stats of the app’s top 3 trending hashtags as well as the videos that appeared on our “For You” page and mapping out the trends.


30.01.20 / Instagram in 2019: Did it change, or did we?

Another year and there are even more changes in how we’re using Instagram. The app remains, at its core, about image sharing but with each year the ways and reasons we use it change dramatically. So, what happened 2019? A view from our resident Instagrammer (and consultant), Olivia.

  1. Instagram Stories > Instagram post

The use of Instagram Stories exploded in 2018, with growth continuing in 2019. More than 500 million users view Stories every day – to put this into context, one billion people use Instagram a month, so Story usage is huge. Adding…

27.01.20 / Why I will always love Facebook. Don’t at me.

Facebook. It gets some flack. So here are the musings of one of our Senior Consultant’s, Becki, to remind us why it’s not so bad. 

  • TikTok – new favourite child
  • Instagram – good looking cousin who is always travelling to a glam place
  • Twitter – annoying auntie who people try to avoid but actually enjoy when they spend time there
  • LinkedIn – professional mentor
  • YouTube – that friend that knows almost everything

Facebook. Oh Facebook. You make me oh so mad.

13.01.20 / 5 productivity hacks I’ve learned at OneFifty

Architect of Next Sarah gives her top productivity tips (and they’re probably not what you think they are…)


It’s been almost a year and a half since I joined OneFifty and since then I’ve learned a lot – not just about data science, social media and models of human behaviour, but also about how to get through the day in the most productive way possible. Don’t worry, this isn’t a motivational blog post about time management or holding standing meetings; instead it’s my (not so) secret tips that will save precious minutes throughout the day.


1)The gmail unsend feature

07.01.20 / We’re 4!

That’s right, it’s our 4th birthday. Four years of using data and models of human behaviour to drive purposeful digital interactions with the people who matter. Four years of doing the work which comes next. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been a fellow Architect of Next and been part of our journey so far – team, clients, friends, family. 

This only represents a slice of those people but we wanted to recognise the brands and organisations we’ve worked with to create what comes next, since January 2016.

23.12.19 / What it’s like to do an internship for a start up

Almost a year ago, Olivia joined us after graduating from Edinburgh Uni. As 2019 comes to a close, this is what she’s learned. 

OneFifty offers one of the most competitive internship programmes in the digital marketing sector, actually in the country (trust us, we have the Linkedin stats…). Many of the things I have learnt during the period of my 6 month internship, albeit only 2 months of this was as an intern with the following 4 months being within the role of a Junior Consultant, are lessons that will play a significant role in shaping my career and something I…

17.12.19 / TikTok and UK politics

Was the biggest shock last week that Corbyn was sent packing by such a margin, OR that some people made TikToks about the election?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to stretch credulity and claim it was the latter. BUT, there were the signs of something meaningful for the years to come.

TikTok is experiencing the heady combination of both serious user growth AND also the sort of cult-usage which marked out Twitter and Vine back in their early days. Instagram, despite being a juggernaut, never quite had the explosive meme content which allows you to spot…

16.12.19 / Fact over fiction: digital campaigning in a post Cambridge Analytica world

Our co-founder, Alex, recently wrote a blog for the brilliant people over at comms consultancy, Fourteen Forty, about the impact of digital campaigning on the UK election. Head over to their blog to read the full piece. 

“Covfefe”. Even typos can structure a news cycle, when you’re a tweeting president. Such is the impact of digital tools on our political discourse, strategy and tactics, that the 2019 general election looks set to be the first principally digitally driven UK campaign.

This is against a backdrop of allegations of foreign interference, illegality and general mania…

03.12.19 / Podcasts to get you through the day – the update

Sarah here! It’s been six months since I wrote my last article on ‘Podcasts to get you through the day’, and since then I’ve had numerous friends, colleagues and clients tell me they loved the recommendations (you’re welcome!), plus quite a few who shared their own podcast faves. So in the lead up to the Christmas holidays, also known as a week of prime listening time, it feels like a good opportunity to update you with a few new listens below – and don’t forget to read the original list…

22.09.19 / Team learning habits – on a Friday

If you follow us regularly, you know that we at OneFifty do thing differently. We don’t do dress-down Fridays (every day is a day where we dress like the people we are) and we don’t need the pub at 4 (because WeWork is providing free beer every day – yes you read correctly). Instead, we are big Friday Hooray-ers!

Friday Hooray a 15-20 minutes session that Sarah introduced back in October last year. The purpose is to share our highlights and learnings with each other, each week. A lot of projects…

13.09.19 / Instagram Isn’t (Just) A Narcissistic Place

With Instagram holding the title of the “worst social media network for mental health and wellbeing”, our own Architect of Next Olivia felt it was time to offer some words in the way of a defence. 

You might call it narcissistic, but perhaps it’s self-love – whatever you call it, selfies and bikini shots don’t define Instagram.

I am not here to say it can’t be detrimental to mental health, I am not here to say it can’t be demeaning of our own realities and neither I am…

30.07.19 / Bye bye pen and paper. Hello Todoist.

We’ve built OneFifty on a small number of tools, which help us be more effective and mirrors the way we need to work. One of our latest Architect’s of Next, Becki, has broken a habit of a lifetime and fully embraced the single way we run tasks and projects…

Efficiency. What a word. It’s something I have always struggled with (both personally and professionally) but to be clear I don’t mind so much. I’m happy to get up 30 mins earlier than I need to, if it means I can potter around and not be under pressure to leave…

05.07.19 / Startups 100 2019: We’re on the list again!

We’re feeling hot, hot hot. And it’s not the fact it’s currently 27 degrees outside (although that is contributing). You might remember that last year we featured on the Startups 100 list – an annual ranking of the UK’s newest and most exciting businesses. Well, we’ve made it for a second year running!

It’s the one award that we said would mean the most to us when we set up OneFifty because it’s not just confined to the marketing and comms industry but all startups. So the fact we’ve been named on it twice is a huge…

01.07.19 / Data: Lost in translation

We all too often believe in data’s power of indisputable “truth”, however we fail to ask key questions of the data analysis, which leads us to blindly follow “data-driven truths”. 

This is not to say that analysis should be scrutinised down to the last line of code or row, but that we should probe to understand how fit-for-purpose the data insight is. For instance, you wouldn’t make consequential business decisions from a statistical model with a small sample size (statistically significant or not). How is one to know without asking or being informed? 

We obviously don’t…

14.05.19 / Podcasts to get you through the day – from Sarah

There are many things that I’m proud of contributing to at OneFifty; outstanding creative campaigns, stellar client service… but most of all my ‘#WorthListeningTo’ Slack channel in which I regularly share Podcasts that I believe the team should listen to.

But why podcasts? Podcasts, quite simply, are my hobby. I binge them like a Netflix series, and it turns out I’m not alone in that either. Research by Ofcom in September 2018 shows that over 6 million people tune in to a Podcast each week; a number which has doubled in just 5 years. When it comes to young adults (15-24),

08.04.19 / Instagram Trends 2019: An Update

Earlier this year, we developed research around Instagram Trends for 2019, which we’ve since been presenting across our client roster and friends of OneFifty. In this, we outline the importance of Instagram as a social media channel, platform trends for this year, and reflect on consumer behaviour trends that emerged towards the end of last year, into this year. At the end of every quarter, we’ll be marking our own homework, by assessing the performance of our predicted trends.

So, which trends have kicked off since January?

1) We predicted that rumours…

10.01.19 / 3 things that scared me when I decided to join OneFifty

As a general rule in our industry, once you go client side, you never go back. So when Alex and Katie asked me to join them at OneFifty, leaving my cushy 9-5 job behind and jumping back into the world of client management, it’s fair to say I was a little apprehensive.

I’ve known Alex and Katie for years (in fact we met when I was Alex’s client at Just Eat) so I knew it wouldn’t be so bad, and even if it was, I could…

17.10.18 / Social media is good

There we said it.

It’s a dirty concept.

Verboten, ‘other’, naive.

But, for all the challenges it presents, social media is about progress.

About emancipation from control of information, about empowerment of individuals, about the irrecoverable movement toward meritocracies.

Call me (us) idealistic? Fair.

Call us negative, quitters, cynical? NEVER.

Social media, for all the challenges, retains the transformative power to empower individuals, concepts and economic efficiency. That’s worth standing up for.

Headlines about “social media fatigue” are just that – usage has never been higher. People aren’t…


I’m from Sheffield originally and despite not having much of an accent I’m a proud northerner and an even prouder Yorkshire lass. I went to university in Nottingham and then moved down to London in 2012, where I’m currently living in Clapham (don’t judge me).

I originally wanted to be a graphic designer, but after a trip to Paris when I was 16 I decided I needed to combine my love of branding with my love of croissants, so found the perfect joint honours course for me at the uni of Nottingham studying French and Communication. This let me further my…

26.07.18 / Case Study: Advance Together, a new wave of politics

Advance Together was set up in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy, with the aim of creating a political party for people, not politicians. It wanted to address the issues facing the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea by having local people represented by local people, with a new form of politics. This is how we worked with them in the run-up to the May local elections. 


Kensington and Chelsea has some of the biggest disparities between rich and poor in the country;

  • It has the highest gap between the median and mean…

28.06.18 / Which England World Cup songs are most popular?

Football’s coming home…

World Cup fever is gripping the nation once again. With England beating Panama this weekend 6-1 England fans finally have something to be optimistic about. But are fans getting ahead of themselves?

We looked at searches for “footballs coming home” on Sunday. You can see that there is a clear spike after England’s .. goal.  

So how does this compare to search terms in previous tournaments? Well, search volumes are over double what we saw at Euro 2016 and triple that from the…

05.06.18 / The UK’s most popular internship, or how to get 10k intern applications

We’ve just had our 10,000th applicant for our internship.

Based on data from the main graduate jobs platforms, this was 2017’s most popular job listing (relatively).

This is how to do it.

Except we aren’t really sure how it has happened, to be honest.

I mean it’s a great job. Six months, paid London living wage. Great benefits. Great opportunities (you do real work, from day one. We aren’t really sure where the photocopier is, and we have a barista to do coffee).

It’s in digital, data, social media, all of which are growth areas and of particular appeal to ‘millennials’

22.05.18 / #Startups100: OneFifty comes in at #54


We’ve had just over two years of using data and models of human behaviour to drive purposeful digital interactions with the people who matter. Also known as working seriously hard to build something new, something we can be proud of, and something which can help everyone create what comes next.

Today we heard we’d been included in the Startups 100: an annual ranking of the UK’s hottest start ups. We’ve spent our time doing great stuff with partners, brands and creators, rather than shouting about it, and what means most here is that we’re alongside businesses doing everything…

06.05.18 / Rogue Ponies: make top creators your content studio

We’re delighted to have some new friends – Rogue Ponies!

Rogue Ponies is a platform which matches brands that need to populate their channels – whether with photography, video or beautifully-rendered prose – to those who are expert at creating high quality, engaging content – social creators.

The team we’ve put together at Rogue Ponies works with brands to select creators specifically for their style and subject knowledge, not their number of followers and commissions whatever the client requires.

Brands are then provided with what…

23.04.18 / From one startup to another: how do we discuss mental health?

Here at OneFifty we are firm believers that it is important to provide resources that support and optimise our team’s personal well-being so they are able to thrive at work. In our continuing search to improve our tools to provide a healthy work culture, we found Sanctus, another startup. Sanctus provides confidential and unbiased spaces for employees to talk about any challenges they might face from their mental health to personal development goals. Our Sanctus coach, Claire, drops by once a month and her work really benefits our team. We love her!

Sanctus’ view is that mental…

23.04.18 / The social side of mental health

Since we started monthly sessions with Sanctus (a start-up dedicated to increasing communication and transparency around mental health), we decided to find out how much conversation is already happening around mental health.

We found that mentions of mental health on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums and news sources in the UK over the last year cumulatively reach 22.3 BILLION users. We can break this down further, determining which topics, in particular, reached the most people. We certainly aren’t ignorant of the constant discussion around social media and mental health, and the stats show that…

22.01.18 / Quantify your business and busy-ness: Todoist in practice

One of our core beliefs is we should share how we do things. Our aim is to influence how things are done for the better, to create what comes next. Something we are asked about a lot is how we run tasks and projects. We ignore many of the conventional ways it’s done across marketing and consulting, in favour of a single app, used continuously. Seriously.

It’s called Todoist. You might have tried it, you might use one of the competitors. Why Todoist specifically, vs others? Well, when Katie and I were first planning the business, we looked…

14.01.18 / We’re hiring for something new

2017 was a pretty epic year for OneFifty but we’re even more excited about what’s coming up in 2018. We might be going a bit rogue…

We’re launching something new in the next couple of months (which we’ll be talking more about nearer the time!) and we’re on the hunt for someone to join the team initially on a paid three-month internship. This is someone who lives and breathes social media. They’ll have social content creators they passionately follow, they know what gets the most clicks, likes and shares on their own content and they’re naturally…

13.12.17 / Twitter Promote: a review of an innovative social advertising product

Twitter Promote launched into beta recently. Whilst we don’t usually review social ad products, this caught our eye. It will also rarely get used by people who are experienced at Twitter ad buying, so we decided to trial it for your delectation and edification.

What is it?

Twitter Promote is, in Twitter’s own words, their first subscription ads product. It is aimed at both SMBs and individuals who want simplicity and continuous results.

Why is it significant?

  • It’s rare one sees innovation in social advertising products (formats are…

20.11.17 / Do the most hyped gifts make the most praised presents?

As Francis of Assissi once wisely said, ‘it is in giving that we receive’. A lovely, wholesome thought. As we’ve already mentioned earlier this month, social media users seem to prefer talking about gifts they’re excited to give as opposed to ones they receive. But with all the expectation surrounding Christmas gifting, does the excitement of receiving gifts match up to the excitement of giving them?

Ultimately, their overall success boils down to the reception they receive on The Big Day. In our

16.11.17 / The Most Popular Gifts of 2016 and Our Predictions for 2017

Getting that perfect Christmas present for the right person is a big deal and one which most of us spend a lot of time musing (or stressing!) over. Well, what if we told you that you need muse (or stress!) no more? Let us reveal to you some of last year’s most talked about gifts on social media, and see if we can predict what will be big this year…


We’ve all heard of it, we’ve learned how to pronounce it (‘hoo-gah’, but of course we knew that already…), and we’ve been buying into it massively over…

06.11.17 / A year living social trends: Christmas shopping

It should come as no surprise that we’ve identified yet another social trend to live this month – after almost a full year of them (from marble to life automation), there’s not much we haven’t tried! If, like me, you already knew that there are only 62 days, 12 hours and 43 minutes until Christmas (and even less by the time you’re reading this!), this month’s trend may not come as a surprise: Christmas gifting.

November is the month where conversation around…

01.11.17 / A year living social trends: Automating your life – what we found

After a month of letting algorithms and notifications run my life, what have I found? Would I recommend it? Did I hit my goals?

Well, I’m going to break this into different areas, as it’s a mixed picture.

Work productivity is through the roof. And I’m not just saying that because it’s on our company blog and my boss is reading this over my shoulder. Honest.

IFTTT was a big part of this. Specific elements within what has become a full-blown obsession include:

31.10.17 / The most popular Halloween costume? The answer is Stranger than you think

If you’ve been lucky (or, as some might see it, unlucky) enough to be invited to a Halloween party this week, you’re probably debating what to dress up as. This is no trivial matter – this year, us Brits are expected to spend over £320 million on the occasion, an amount which has been rising over the years – a truly scary (sorry) fact. As excitement around Halloween builds year on year, so does the pressure to impress with the best, most ingenious costume.

But clearly, we’ve been embracing the challenge. Over the past four years, there…

29.10.17 / A year living social trends: Automate your life, newborn babies

I recently got to implement all my hard-won knowledge from having one child, by spawning another. Hurrah! Now, this post won’t go into raptures about how exceptional she is (take it as read), but a key part of the anxiety around a newborn baby is the lack of certainty over what they’re doing. You lack the feedback older infants give you, and yet you’re very keen they feed, sleep etc ‘normally’.

This is, in fact, an area one can automate. With both children, we’ve used this app. I can’t…

23.10.17 / Living social trends: Automating your life, another 10 days in…

After my initial enthusiasm and all the benefits I gained from using Swiftkey or IFTTT (read my first blog post here), I must conclude that not every robot works to make my life easier.

Two weeks into the ‘automating my life’ experiment I’d describe my experience as follows: I love the work productivity hacks and my new automated workout or dietary plan, but it is also quite annoying…

13.10.17 / A year living social trends: October – Week 1 of automating my life

I’m at the end of the first week of letting ‘robots’ making my daily choices. The perfect moment to share my first experiences with you!

To be honest, Day 1 involved a lot of downloading and understanding how these services work. Less optimal for my mobile storage, but an interesting lesson in finding out a bit more about yourself. First was setting up my accounts and identifying preferences to get the algorithm started. Everything from my fitness goals on the Nike Training Club app, to what diet I’m following to generate daily recipes on…

04.10.17 / A year living social trends: October, I’m automating my life

Every month this year, we’re living a different trend, identifiable through social. But you know that… 

This month, we’re tackling one of the most interesting, broadest, and longest term trends: automating your life. What do we mean by this? The trend is services which either do things for you, or tell you what to do, based on your data and lifestyle. Why do people want this? It simplifies things, allowing their needs to be better met, and their time to be used more efficiently.

When you consider that an adult makes about…

30.09.17 / Can social media predict the best gym experience in London?

This month we have been living ‘life resets’, and as a keen gym goer I jumped at the chance to try out the most up and coming socially recommended gyms. The gym is a hot topic of conversation on social media; over a 90 day period the ‘gym’ was mentioned a whopping 1.3 million times in the UK across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! Unsurprisingly January dominates this conversation with 496,700 mentions although, September comes a close second at 447,000 mentions in total. I mean…


Ah September. You bring stormy weather (thunder and lightning occur most frequently in the 9th month of the year), spiders and that tingly back to school feeling. What is it about this time of year that gets us reaching for the reset button?

I didn’t schedule the start of my new job at OneFifty with our blog themes in mind, but it does seem like a funny coincidence I’ve decided to leap into a fresh new environment in September.  

Or is it?

After a huge spike the week following New Year, the next most popular time…

18.09.17 / A year living social trends: September, time to upgrade?

We mentioned in our previous blog post that September is a big month for upgrades, and that’s partly because this month is traditionally the time when Apple brings out its new iPhone. Typically, iPhones are now searched for on Google 1.7x more in September than they are in March (with Samsung phones searched for 1.2x more). Phone contracts are also searched for more in September than in any other month (1.22x more in 2016). Apple have definitely taken the lead in sending the internet mad with their release of not one…

17.09.17 / A year living social trends: A new hobby for life reset

As part of September’s ‘life reset’, the trend OneFifty is living this month, we’ve identified four ways in which people reset: renewing, restarting, upgrading, and starting something new. Four noble members of the team have each taken up one of these challenges. Katie’s challenge is to start something new, and for this we’ve decided to let social data determine her new hobby.

To find out exactly what hobby Katie should take up, we first turned to Facebook Audience Insights, which would be able to give us the key demographic stats on a…

06.09.17 / A year living social trends: September is the Life Reset

Another month, another trend. Here at OneFifty, we’re continuing to live social trends, with veganism, gin, outdoor cinema, and craft beer amongst ones we’ve experienced so far this year – purely for research purposes, of course.

As summer draws to a rather underwhelming conclusion this year, most people will consider September a fairly drab month where it’s too late to hope for a bit more…

05.09.17 / Beer and Social Media Marketing – What Works?

It’s no secret that beer is a popular topic on social media, with over 3.7 million mentions over the past year. The reason we chose craft beer as our August trend, though, is because it performs particularly well, with a 13% growth in mentions since summer 2015. This has been reflected by a stunning 40% growth in sales over the past 2 years, and the market’s still going strong, despite the fact that total pub beer sales are actually slowing…

30.08.17 / Will Kemble-Clarkson, Ctrl-Shift: GDPR is an opportunity for growth

GDPR is a hot topic right now. We have guest blogger Will Kemble-Clarkson, from business consultants Ctrl-Shift, to tell you the five areas that businesses need to get to grips with. 

In case you’ve missed the recent coverage, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into force a year from now for businesses, and consumers alike, it is easily the most important, impactful regulation in recent times.  Rooted in harmonising consumer rights across Europe, it strengthens consumer rights around how data is collected, used and shared as well as introducing a raft of new regulations that put consumers in control…

28.08.17 / Crack open a cold one with these beer apps

As August draws to a close, it seems like a good time to reflect on the trend we lived this month: craft beer. Aside from an introduction to craft beer’s social media presence, blind beer tasting and an analysis of the beer’s highly gendered marketing, we’ve also done a round-up of the top specialist beer apps. Beer apps have seen a marked increase in social media mentions in 2017, with an increase of almost 20% from this time last year. How have these beer apps tapped (no pun…

18.08.17 / A YEAR LIVING SOCIAL TRENDS: Is Craft Beer leading a gender shift in beer drinking?

We’ve bee delving further into this month’s trend, using social media to try and identify whether craft beer has been a central component in encouraging women to drink and talk about beer. Turns out, you can find some answers at the bottom of the bottle!

Beer itself is ‘technically’ female since only the female part of the hop plant is used in brewing and yeast is all female… So it seems odd that beer is distinctly more popular among men than women, and is perceived by

02.08.17 / A Year Living Social Trends: August is Craft Beer

You probably know by now that every month of 2017 we’re living a different consumer trend, identified by social media. To name a few: we have turned vegan for a month, braved the London roads cycling and become master gin tasters (not all in one go!). This month we’re exploring beer, and the rising trends within it as a drinks category.

In the UK the average person drinks a huge 72 litres of beer per head every single year, with 11,000 beers to choose from. From chocolate, to avocado, to bacon, there…

31.07.17 / A year living social trends: Outdoor Cinema – We lived it. We loved it.

The Rooftop Film Club believe that ‘great films deserve great locations’, and they certainly lived up to their promise of providing an iconic city backdrop. We were in the centre of busy Shoreditch with a panoramic view and a stunning sunset. I’d made it; here I was, little old me, living it large in the big smoke, pretending to be a hipster, in my new start-up job.

So I hear you asking, what’s this outdoor cinema gig you’re going on about? Well, this month we had the hard job of living our latest social trend,

23.07.17 / A year living social trends: Outdoor Cinema – letting the data decide

When Alex and Katie offered the OneFifty team the opportunity to “live the trend”, by going to an outdoor cinema this month, we were all very excited. However, this excitement quickly changed to animosity once the topic of which film to actually see was raised. With so many options in London, the office soon came to an impasse on what to watch, with no side wanting to budge. Naturally we settled it the way we do everything – with data. We would use the ultimate democratic tool (social media) to decide: whichever film had the highest…

09.07.17 / A year living social trends: Outdoor Cinema

We’re continuing to live our social trends each month, with veganism, cycling, gin, health reset, gardening and marble being those we’ve identified, and lived, so far. This brings us to July’s pick – outdoor cinema.

It’s exactly what it sounds like, a large cinema screen assembled outdoors, in a…

25.06.17 / A year living social trends: marble, an Interview with blogger Abi Dare, These Four Walls

For those of you that don’t know, we at OneFifty have identified a different trend each month from veganism to gin (we like to keep things interesting). This month, it’s Marble. With 2.4M hashtags on Instagram and its large use amongst influencers (check out Natalie Glaze, Twice The Health or Tally Rye), marble is most definitely on trend. But why has marble become so big? Who better to give us a better understanding of this trend than an insider to the blogosphere…

Enter Abi. Writer, photographer, cat lover, blogger, interior-design addict, AND lover of all things…

18.06.17 / Experiments with beer and a bit of science

To welcome two new members to the OneFifty team, (the lovely Maria and Monica), we decided to hold a beer tasting evening. Being a consultancy which prides itself on using models of human behaviour, we couldn’t let this opportunity go without running a little social experiment… Having a background in psychology, I set about researching what study to run whilst still being able to drink the most beer possible!

A topic which kept popping up is the association of taste and price. There has been extensive research suggesting that when someone knows the cost of a meal they rate…


So far, we’ve used social data to identify (and live) veganism, cycling, gin, health reset and gardening as consumer trends. This month marble is having its moment. There is a lot of marbling going on, and not just the stone material itself. From chopping boards to legging print, from nails to phone cases – bloggers are all over a little…


The consumer trend we’re living this month – identified by social data – is gardening and as part of it we’re interviewing some prominent people in the gardening community.

First up was the man behind the RHS’ social media channels, Ian Reynolds, now we’ve sat down with Mr Plant Geek, otherwise known as Michael Perry. As the “ultimate plant geek”, he’s made numerous TV appearances, is a speaker for the

23.05.17 / A year living social trends: Chelsea Flower Show – what we’re sharing on social

This week we see the start of the annual Chelsea Flower Show. The most prestigious gardening show of the year in the UK and the premier event in the gardeners’ calendar. We’ve looked at who, how and what people are talking and sharing when it comes to social media.

Last year there was 126,000 tweets about the show in May, generating 432 million impressions. To put this in context Royal Ascot had 160,000 mentions and 570 million impressions – 23% smaller.  The conversation around Chelsea is driven by a domestic audience, with 81% of all tweets coming from the UK. The…

21.05.17 / A year living social trends: Gardening – why I allotment

This month we’re exploring the growing interest in gardening, and as such, I thought I’d share my personal experience.

The story of my allotment

I took possession of my allotment five years ago. Took possession misleads one to the basis of it – I pay £25 a year ( a princely sum) to rent it from Wallingford town council. You can read about the history of UK allotments here.

I’ve always loved the outdoors, and found living in London challenging. For…

14.05.17 / An interview with Ian Reynolds, Social Media Manager at The RHS

You might have seen that the consumer trend we’re living this month – identified by social data – is gardening. What makes it so big? Here are a couple of previous blogs. But to really get under the skin of it, who better to interview than the man running the social media of the world’s largest gardening charity, and leading authority on all-things green-fingered? Say hello to Ian Reynolds from The RHS…

Ian, how have you seen gardening grow in popularity over…

13.05.17 / Three psychology theories that apply to social media

Seeing as I work in social media AND have a psychology degree it only seemed right that I should do a blog post on useful psychology theories and studies that apply to social media. Here are my top three:

1. Different personalities and social media uses – A study conducted at the University of Texas found that different personality traits is a predicting factor in how much someone uses social media and engages in online content. Their study revealed that in both men and women extraversion (being outgoing) and…

11.05.17 / Living social trends: the most popular flowers in social

As part of this month’s gardening trend, which we see thriving on social, I had the delightful job to look more closely into which ‘flowers’ are driving interest. So here’s our ranking of the Top 10 Flowers discussed on social.

To kick off the research, and narrow down the flowers we are going to analyse, we used a variety of sources to establish long lists of the most popular flowers in retail and cultural terms. To account for marketing biases, we validated this list with plants that The Gardener’s World featured in 2016/17, and additionally added Dahlias and Daffodils. We also…

07.05.17 / What do OneFifty’s benefits, driven by behavioural understanding, look like? (Avocados).

Benefits offered to employees are an often painful topic. They invariably seem to fall into two camps:

  1. Things which make a good ‘headline’
  2. Things which are pretty universal within that industry, and consequently not actually appreciated by recipients

Some of this tension lies with our innate lack of good decision making, as humans. What’s rationally good for us is (disappointingly for economists) often less significant than what we’re moved by emotionally. Bouncy castles and poles to slide between floors capture your imagination more than an extra % on pension contributions,

06.05.17 / A year of living social trends: Health reset cooking

As part of this month’s trend Matt and Olivia decided to cook up a storm with ingredients which were the latest food trends. Here’s how it went, from Olivia.

Our trend identified turmeric, cauliflower, matcha and avocado as the up and coming social foods. Not ingredients I would commonly put together! I mean who doesn’t love a matcha covered cauliflower with avocado and  turmeric dip?!?! Turns out most people… So we did some research and came up with two dishes that sounded, at the very least, edible.

For our main course we decided upon roasted turmeric…

01.05.17 / A year living social trends: Gardening

We’re spending 2017 living a different consumer trend, identified using social data. You can check Jan, Feb, March and April, but May sees us getting green fingered, with gardening.

Yes, gardening. Year-on-year growth in consumer intent is witnessed through Google search, whilst social media data shows that May is THE month where we go plant potty. The spring is not just when plants grow apace, but when social discussion of gardening lights up. Over the last 5

28.04.17 / A year of living social trends: Eating the April health reset foods

This month the social trend we’re living is health reset. Food is a key element to the Easter period and that post-chocolate indulgence sees a considerable increase in search volumes and social posts about health resets and diet change.

Our research identified the foods that are driving the current social conversation, so to really live it it’s only right to tuck in… This is how I found it.


  • Something I buy fairly regularly but not every week. I normally eat it steamed or the classic, avec cheese.
  • In…


In our last blog post we learned about ingredients that are driving the health reset conversation. We also learned that there is a fundamental shift in attitudes towards healthy living and eating, which is why we picked the ‘health reset’ as our monthly living social trend. What we haven’t answered (so far!) is who the audience is and what drives their behaviour…

With 16m mentions worldwide, #healthyeating is huge on Instagram. A similar set of keywords (“healthy eating recipes”, “eating healthy”, “vegan nutrition” or “gluten-free diet”) on Facebook shows 4-4.5m monthly…

13.04.17 / A year of living social trends. Health reset: the foods we’re chomping

As part of our year living social trends, this month we are living the health reset. Food is the key element of this April/Easter, so we’ve dived into which foods the nation will be turning to once the Easter indulgence is done, and why they’re gaining in popularity.

Social is all about users projecting the best version of themselves, and while we all love to publish at the start of the year how our new diet or exercise routine is going, by March, just like our motivation, the volume declines.

02.04.17 / The 2016 Boat Race on social

Ahead of today’s Cancer Research Boat Races, we’ve got a whistle-stop tour of how the race, reactions and chatter panned out on social media last year. Put your belt on, this is just a quick one.


While those who posted about The Boat Race last year were slightly more likely to be male (60.7% vs 39.3%) the online conversation about the women’s race was 14% larger than the men’s. Drama, in the form of a sinking Cambridge women’s…

01.04.17 / A year of living social trends: April, health reset

We believe in the power of social data to reveal people’s  behaviours, and well, in our own research. So, we’re putting our money where our mouth is, and living the trends we identify, for a whole year. Thus far that’s been veganism, cycling and gin. Turns out April sees a major, largely unrealised trend: health reset. So, we’ll be doing the same ourselves.

What is the health reset?

Every year, Easter & April see people reset their health. Not quite as much as January, but significantly, nonetheless. It takes a number of forms, and has a number of reasons, which…

31.03.17 / An interview with Hannah Lanfear, brand ambassador for Jensen’s Gin

Whatever way you look at it, gin is on the rise. Not just in bars or supermarkets, but also online. Continuing our trend identification series,  we looked at the social data and picked out gin for deeper research in March. We’ve looked at the data and spoken to industry insiders, #ginnaisance is in full flow and the taps aren’t being turned off any time soon.

Last Thursday we met Hannah Lanfear, cocktail expert and brand ambassador at Jensen’s gin. I’d call myself…

21.03.17 / Identifying consumer purchase trends through social data

We believe marketing is effective when it focuses on actual behaviours – the things we all do, like it or not, everyday. Social and digital data sets can often (but not always) allow us to identify these due to the scale and speed with which they can be gathered.

That’s why, this year, we’re identifying consumer trends and then living them ourselves. In January it was veganismFebruary cycling, and March gin.


11.03.17 / Exploring the history of gin… At the Beefeater distillery.

This month we have the hard task of participating in a new social trend…Gin! To kick start our gin month we took a trip to the Beefeater distillery in Kennington.

We arrived at the typically English 1950s factory. The building oozed with the history of gin and formed a perfect setting for the gin tour. We first entered a mini museum detailing the history of gin in Britain. It took us on a journey starting from the birth of the gin craze in the 18th Century, to the current day.


11.03.17 / An interview with Paul Jackson, editor of The Gin Guide

If you haven’t spotted our latest social trend, March is all about gin. Why? Have a read of our blog on it. We’ve looked at the data, but to get further under the skin of this trend we’ve been chatting to the Editor of one of the most comprehensive and interesting guides to all things gin in the UK. Otherwise known as The Gin Guide.

Said Editor, Paul Jackson, spends his days running a digital marketing agency, but his nights (and some of his days…)

06.03.17 / Get your copy of OneFifty’s Architects of Next book

Over the last year we interviewed a range of inspiring people, who are shaping the way brands, creators and customers interact through social media. We call them Architects of Next: a label we use for anyone who is working hard to change the way the world works.

We want to encourage more Architects of Next – giving them confidence and motivation that their dreams aren’t crazy, that their ideas aren’t alone, and that they’re pushing an agenda the world needs and wants.

We’ve produced a limited run of physical books, based on those interviews. They’re beautiful, if we…

03.03.17 / A year of social trends: March is “Ginnaissance”

Appropriately enough in 2017’s Brexit Britain, the popularity of the iconically British Gin and Tonic owes it’s origins to the imposition of tariffs on foreign spirits (back in the 17th century)… These days, however, there are other factors driving the popularity of the spirit which we’re exploring in March, as part of our year identifying and living social trends.

Commercially, 2016 was a record year for British gin exports with overseas sales reaching half a billion pounds, up 12% (or £53 million) from 2015, and…

03.03.17 / Getting back on a bike, after a 20 year hiatus.

It’s fair to say I haven’t been on a bike – properly – for a few years. Ok, make that over 20. Apparently I was never that interested as a kid and as an adult I haven’t had much reason to re-engage. Until February, when our social trend was cycling. We’ve lived the trend across the team in various ways, and mine was to get back on the bike.

I’ve watched cycling become more prevalent amongst friends and work colleagues for the last few years, and I have to say…

26.02.17 / Interview: CyclingCam talks cycling and vlogging

Cam is a fast-growing British vlogger and cyclist. As part of our month examining the growth of cycling and social trends around it, we’re chatting to some of our favourite cycling content creators. Here’s our past one from Andreas, and now onto Cam…

  • What motivated you to start vlogging?

For me, I always loved making videos. I remember I got a GoPro when I was about 13, it was the original GoPro hero, and I just enjoyed making videos with my friends. The vast majority were awful edits of us doing…

21.02.17 / Nathaniel: Sucked in by the Strava Data Sets

Alex [10:45 PM]

“I’m watching world cup track cycling from Colombia. I feel the Kilo is the event for you, @nathaniel . Looking at the skill levels on show from minor nations, your speed wobbles would fit in comfortably”

Cheers Alex. I had a near death experience and you wheel out the Bantersaurus-Rex routine! Thanks bud.

The speed wobble in question (and I call it speed wobble because it makes me sound really fast) was while I was punching out a 60 second burn in the hope of picking up the Strava KOM (King of the…

21.02.17 / A month of living vegan: what did we learn?

Olivia and Alex finished January, living life vegan. You can catch up on why, and the detail of how veganism is such a significant trend here. So, what did they learn from going plant-based?

  • You’d be surprised at some of the foods which are vegan. Take crisps, Walkers Salt and Vinegar Max aren’t, whilst normal Salt & Vinegar are. But you’re usually safe with prawn cocktail and most BBQ flavours. Then there are food you might assume would be vegan, and aren’t: lots of veggie sausages, for example

14.02.17 / Interview: London Cyclist (Andreas)

London Cyclist is the premier destination of the commuter cyclists of London. With our focus on the growth of cycling as a consumer trend this month, Andreas was kind enough to share his thoughts on cycling, commuting and social, in the capital.

  • You provide an invaluable source of info on all things London cycle commuting. What inspired you to start?

When I moved to London I started cycling with my housemate to work every day on Gray’s Inn Road. The more I got into it, the more I started…

14.02.17 / The London cycling commute – from first-timer Matt

When I was told cycling was our February trend and that I was going to start commuting in by bike, I was less than enthusiastic. Yes, it’s more cost effective than getting the tube, yes it’s a good way to exercise, but it’s so cold! Eventually I changed my mind and decided to plunge in head first. I was mainly persuaded by the two Northerners on my team who both commute by bike and proceeded to tell me how soft I was for even mentioning the fact it had been snowing recently…

After deciding I…

12.02.17 / Architect of Next, Anne-Catherine: Things you only know about social media when you’re from Germany

It’s been a year since I joined OneFifty as a data analyst and social researcher. As a Bavarian, living in London, analysing conversations from right across Europe,  I have noticed that there are definitely unique traits to the German social scene. So, are you wondering whether “Tagesschau”, “Tatort” or “Das Dschungel-Camp” gains more traction on social? Or maybe you have no clue what that means at all? Let me help you out…

So, what are the unique traits only we Germans show in social?

Crafting is not a hobby, it’s a way of life: Or so it seems among the German…

07.02.17 / Living social trends: February, cycling

We’re continuing our 2017 living a social media trend per month. Whilst some are dramatic, such as the meteoric rise of veganism, some are persistent and unrelenting, over much longer periods. Which brings us to cycling – our February pick.

Yes, the humble act of pedalling a bike is enjoying year on year growth, as expressed through social and digital data. It’s not as simple as simply that ‘cycling’ is big. We see limited evidence of a growth, or significant discussion of, getting into cycling for the first time. What instead, is far more apparent, are people getting back…

27.01.17 / Interview: Eat Plants (Ash) talks about veganism and social media

As part of OneFifty’s veganuary journey, we’ve been speaking with vegan content creators. Following our interview with Vegan Family TV, we’ve also chatted to up and coming Vegan content creator, Ash from Eat Plants.  Ash is keen to challenge his body – his current goal is to obtain the same cycling power to weight standard as a world-class athlete.

Ash met us at the Veggie Pret in Soho (hopefully a vegan Pret will be opened soon!) and shared some of his vegan journey with us:

Why did you start being vegan?

24.01.17 / Interview: Vegan Fitness (Darren) talks about veganism and social media

Some of the team are spending January living life as a vegan, and we’ve been catching up with some of the leading vegan social media content creators, to hear about their experiences.

Darren is one half of Vegan Family TV, one of the UK’s top vegan YouTube channels. He kindly shared his thoughts:

  • How long have you been vegan?

We went vegan in the middle of January 2012 after we watched the documentary Earthlings. I told Georgie about how horrific it was and we instantly decided to go vegan but because…

20.01.17 / Vegan trend: from recipes to photos, the content that drives social media

Veganism is the fastest growing lifestyle trend, with over 360% growth over the past decade. I (Olivia) have decided to try Veganuary and experience this growing trend. You can read more about how we identified the trend, and our personal challenge here.

Being part of a social media consultancy I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to document my vegan living online and try to earn myself a few extra followers… In fact the main predictor in someone continuing to be vegan is the maintenance of a strong social…

12.01.17 / CES 2017: social media hits and misses

Robots. Cars which park themselves. Hairbrushes which optimise your hair care. Last week’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas had them all. Analysing the social media conversation provides interesting clues to which of the showcased products and technologies will make the jump to consumer’s hands, and which will be left languishing on drafting boards and warehouses.

Looking at the numbers on Twitter the term CES or #CES2017 had 10.2 billion potential estimated impressions. A modest increase from 9.8 billion impressions in 2016. The 2017 chatter comprising 820,000 unique users was overwhelmingly male dominated, with 600,000+ of…

01.01.17 / A year of living social trends: Vegan January

This is the first month of our year living social trends and we’re going vegan for January. By ‘we’ – specifically Alex  and Olivia. We have very different lifestyles, and typical food intake. Alex is already veggie (with occasional bits of fish), whilst Olivia is a committed meat eater.

But, why vegan?

Well, it’s seeing explosive growth in social interest. This is 2017’s dominant food-trend. Search volumes have increased fivefold since 2011, and the intent-based interest seen in search saw veganism exceed vegetarianism in mid-2015.

What’s especially interesting is this level of interest, compared to…

01.01.17 / A year of living social trends

You’ve heard of the dice game.

Well, we’re going to spend 2017 doing the social media equivalent. Every month, we’re going to live a consumer trend, which we’ve identified via social data analysis.

We kicked things off with veganism before moving onto cycling, then things took a different direction with gin and currently we’re having a Spring health reset – April is the new January for health. 

Why are we doing this?

Well, firstly, we have the ability to predict and live…

23.12.16 / The truth behind Christmas dinner: what we really love, and when we plan it

Christmas dinner is all about traditions. Every family has them, and national stereotypes dictate country by country patterns. But, do we really understand the battle for our tastebuds, or do we rely on lazy assumptions? We decided to dig deeper, using social and search data…

  • It’s not all about the bird. Only 15% of the overall meal conversation discussed turkey, duck, goose or other roasts
  • Regional differences within the UK are marked:
    • Northern Ireland really love Christmas dinner, over indexing for conversations


Analysing performance is second-nature to Nathaniel. Having spent years as a professional athlete in the GB Rowing team, quantifying what works, doesn’t, and just hurts isn’t just something one does when it comes to social content and engagement. As a consultant with OneFifty, he’s now helping brands win their own social and digital races.

Nathaniel’s a man of contrasts. Tech early adopter, yet loving nothing more than some sweat and cold air. Growing up in rural County Durham as the eldest of five, he found sporting excellence, winning Junior World Championships, before moving to London to study…

21.11.16 / ARCHITECTS OF NEXT: Natalie Glaze/OneFifty

Imagine being happy. (Nearly) all the time. You’re imagining Natalie.

Imagine you get to combine two things you love, every week. Creating great content for your blog and helping create a better way for brands and social influencers to work together.

Actually make that three things you love: add brunching hard, with maximum avocado.

Natalie is one of the OneFifty team, focussed on developing new, better ways for social creators and influencers to work with brands, to create what comes next. She’s also a celebrated pro blogger, covering travel, fitness, food, and more.


13.11.16 / Social media behaviours – modelling, and why we need to free the data

Understanding behaviours can be based on theoretical models, or based on data. In the best cases, data validates a model. We believe this is key to delivering the promise of an era of mass consumer empowerment in which the cost (wifi and mobile plans), technology (phones) and platforms (social and web) gives all of us the potential to be heard, seen and influence our societies. Understanding those behaviours is how we help brands, content creators and people close the gaps between them, to all derive more value out of a unique period in human history.

What do we (as OneFifty) need…

30.10.16 / 11 things you only know about Britain when you work in social media research

When your life is spent reading, measuring and analysing social media conversations, you get a unique view into people’s psyches. Their hopes, dreams, and emojis.

  1. Bieber is everywhere. There is no escape.
  2. But so is Holly Willoughby. Is there anyone in Britain not following her? If you’re a mum it seems to be the law
  3. There are far, far more people talking about exercise than you’d ever suspect
  4. Tumblr is where all the really cool people are. But the assault on your eyeballs to…

27.10.16 / Buying Twitter followers – what you need to know.

Ever wondered where those accounts get all those followers from? Why, despite the huge follower count, they don’t get much engagement? How those start up businesses get so many followers, so fast? What is that freelance consultant doing who has treble the followers of industry bigwigs? Yep, they bought their followers.

Yes, for those of you sitting agog, one can really buy a bunch of followers. Well, we say that, but the chances are that many of them will be fake accounts, run by a single person, automatically. Either way, you can buy a bunch of accounts, who will follow…

23.10.16 / Social influencers – disclosure isn’t the (only) problem

If one went solely on trade media articles, you could believe that a) ‘influencer marketing’ had swept the marketing board, and was as prevalent as TV advertising, and b) that it’s often conducted illicitly, without suitable transparency about content which is paid for and not.

Is disclosure of paid influencer marketing a problem?

Well, articles like this are creating a narrative that it is i.e. it isn’t happening sufficiently. A trawl through Instagram, Twitter or YouTube will show it through common sense. News stories like this one show…

03.09.16 / OneFifty – made with more Instagrammers

Hello again, have you noticed a few changes around here? Well, we’ve got ourselves some brilliant new Instagrammers to feature. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of any of the images across the site, it will tell you who took it, and link through to their profile.

We believe social imagery defines the modern brand. So we walk the walk. We only use social images across all our materials. We’ve chosen images from another six talented photographers to add to those which you’ll already have seen on our website (there’s a blog on them…

09.08.16 / Getting a social media internship – advice from the frontline

We’ve had several great interns join us this year. We offer six month internships, paying the London living wage, and with all the other great stuff we think this makes us a very different, and better, place to work.

The ‘issues’ around ‘millennials’ (awful term) and the workplace are repeated ad nauseam. We don’t see those issues. Perhaps that’s because we’re relatively young collectively, or because we work very differently, or maybe because that’s all a media invention…

So, in practice, what can we advise people looking for social media internships with us, or indeed anyone else in…

05.08.16 / ARCHITECTS OF NEXT: Bian Salins / head of social, TSB

Bian Salins has driven social media approaches to more areas of business operations, in more businesses than you, almost certainly. That breadth of experience makes for some different perspectives on the challenges marketers and brands face.

A journalist by background, Salins embraced digital early. Starting at Rediff.com, India’s first online venture, blogging and live chat was at the core of engaging with their audience. From there she moved on to become Features Editor at Elle India: “In both roles the key was understanding what content drove a conversation and which platforms were best to do that on. It…

01.08.16 / Architect’s of Next: Building emotional connections / Yossi Erdman, AO.com

He’s really got under the skin of what social media should be for brands: experimentation, real customer understanding and constant interactions.

A degree in psychology and 10 years as a radio DJ in Tel Aviv has given Erdman the perfect grounding to really understand how people want to engage with brands. During his time on the radio, he was the voice and substance – creating brand promotions that talked to the listener. He is driven by a healthy dose of realism that people don’t care much about brands: “Unless you can create a meaningful connection with…

25.07.16 / Architects of Next: Social media’s currency is engagement / Anthony Leung, Pret

“Mean Write Hook”. Pretty funny, eh? Anthony Leung, social media manager at Pret, appreciates the value of a good pun, right down to his Twitter username.

The focus on wit was much needed in his previous role at JUST EAT, the takeaway aggregator who built their marketing on customer-orientated humour and irreverence. Shifting from promoting a purely online food delivery business to one which is resolutely bricks and mortar, with a long-standing keenly defined brand, could phase some. Leung sees clear continuity in the approach: “Early in my career I returned…

08.07.16 / LinkedIn ‘viral’ posts: emotion and algorithms

LinkedIn newsfeeds used to be places full of promotions, role changes and occasional news links. Now you’re as likely to see a story about an entrepreneur’s triumph against adversity, or a user post about a touching incident in their daily life which made them reconsider how we should all engage with the world. Not only that, but these posts have tens of thousands of likes.

For many people from emotionally reticent Western European countries (OK, Brits, but it can’t just be us) this emotive, personal content can feel challenging, in a culture where that degree of…

08.06.16 / Architects of next: Making social media pay for Nationwide / Paul Beadle

Paul Beadle is head of social media and digital communications at Nationwide Building Society, and demonstrates the practicality needed to make social work in a regulated, crucial and tough to market-in category.

The stereotype of social media pros is that they’ve seen more of a keyboard than the world. Not so for Paul who began working life as an engineering apprentice, aged 16. That didn’t last, however, and fittingly for someone growing up in the shadow of the airport, he soon got a job as a copy boy at Heathrow Airport’s news agency. “I was always interested in writing. I used…

15.05.16 / Architects of next: Meet the marketing future, today / Sedge Beswick, ASOS

You don’t meet many people called Sedge. Nor many people like Sedge, for that matter. Social media, trainer-obsessive, Northern fashion gadget heads don’t come around too often. But they’re undeniably cool.

Sedge could easily be the face of the emerging generation of senior marketers, who focus on evidence, people, and therefore results at scale. Her current role, as Global senior social & community manager at ASOS, is testament to that, having shaped and grown a social marketing programme which provides benchmarks for effectiveness and evidence-based creativity.

She began studying Fashion Marketing and…

29.04.16 / Architects of Next: Being a positive difference / Nikki Towler, Bare Escentuals

How do you use social media and digital engagement to build a challenger brand, in a fiercely competitive sector, to a savvy customer base? Lots of people talk about it, but Architect of Next Nikki Towler does it as Bare Escentuals’ Senior Online Manager for Europe. 

Bare Escentuals is the beauty brand which launched the mineral makeup revolution with bareMinerals. The brand’s USP around natural-looking skin with good-for-you ingredients means the marketing has to be equally natural, authentic and inspiring. The brand sets out to make a positive difference in women’s lives, and ensuring the brand…

14.04.16 / Why are we called OneFifty?

It’s one of the things we get asked the most.

A bit like website dwell time, that’s a data point which can be taken as either a positive or negative. Do they ask because it is so thought-provoking and memorable, fully conveying the range of our values and proposition? Or is it because it is confusing and unclear?

Naturally we opt for the former. None the less, although we mentioned it when we launched, it merits expansion.

So, Why OneFifty as a name?

Well, it is inspired by Professor Dunbar. He is such an…

12.04.16 / UK rules and law on (paid for) blog or blog content marketing

Content marketing – it’s an awful term. Thankfully this post isn’t a diatribe on that, but a digest of the current rules and recent developments (especially around the Competition & Markets Authority – CMA – guidance and rules), as apply to UK content marketing. Which matters because you could a) get in a lot of legal trouble, and b) really let down your customers or audience. We’re more concerned about the latter, to be honest, but we’ll help you with the former.

So, first, for those less familiar to this, remember it’s common to pay for a…

08.04.16 / Facebook Live: How it works and the tips you actually need to know

Facebook Live has been getting increasing amounts of attention since the 2015 introduction, fuelled further by the set piece event Facebook hosted this week. New features for the live video platform were unveiled – most notably the introduction of Snapchat-esque filters, the ability to provide reaction videos, and a dedicated ‘hub’ for discovering live video. Much of this begins the process of expanding live video into an interaction ‘layer’, in the way Facebook Messenger has for private messaging.

But most of the discussion has simply been listing features. And most of…

04.04.16 / 2016: What’s new for the major social networks?

Live, self-serve geofilters, face swap. We know it can be hard to keep up with all the practical developments in social media, and it’s been a busy one so far in 2016, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Read on for your 15 minute digest of what’s new for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn YouTube and Tumblr…


  • Live: First introduced last August but made available to everyone in January, this is Facebook’s new live streaming feature. An icon now appears under your status update – look for the upper body with a…

28.03.16 / Architects of Next: What a social world looks like / Cat O’Brien, OneFifty

Our #ArchitectsofNext series focuses on people in other organisations creating what comes next, but also introduces our very own architects…

Design and data. Beyond the alliteration, they can often be seen as worlds apart. Not for Cat O’Brien, who is taking her design background into exploring the world of digital engagement.

Her experience reads like many people’s dream: Manchester United, London 2012, Saracens rugby, and most recently the Baku European Games. From dressing football stadiums for the world’s cameras, to working on matchday experiences for the most passionate rugby fans, approaching everything with a keen sense…

22.03.16 / Influencer marketing – why the term is being misused. A lot.

Influencer marketing. Influencer relations. Social influencers. Influencers (minus any modifiers). These words are used increasingly often in marketing circles. And for good reason: a shift to social distribution models for content and increased visibility (note, not necessarily trust) of peer recommendation has led to a renewed focus for the ‘benefit’ of brands. McKinsey reports that social recommendations drive, on average, 26% of purchases across all product categories. This can be somewhat puzzling for those who innocently ask questions such as “why is person X being labelled…

18.03.16 / What does Instagram’s new algorithm mean for you?

Instagram announced this week their intention to change the newsfeed from chronological to algorithmic: essentially from what the last thing posted was, to the most ‘relevant’ thing posted in the period since you last logged in. Commentariat was predictably eager for the dramatic ‘user revolt’ story (the petition against runs at 150k signatures), which belies some of the more nuanced and considered analysis which would drive understanding of what comes next.

Why are they changing the Instagram newsfeed?

The Instagram blog post says it’s in response to…

07.03.16 / Top social media news: Ten minutes a day

So, you’ve got ten minutes a day and want to read the top social media news?

Well, our lives are to exist in, and about, social media, but we understand that not everyone’s are. Some people are just interested, some only see social media as part of, or tangential to their roles. Some people are just really, really busy.

But it’s human nature to want to know what’s new. What the latest, greatest, unmissable thing is. Well, we’ve put together the speed reading list which you should do every day, to stay…

02.03.16 / Kanye West – social comms savant

Kanye West is the new Alistair Campbell. He’s evolving the model for the role social comms plays in building reputation and image, in the way Campbell did with nineties media and New Labour/Blair. Seriously.

Quick catch up for those who’ve been under a rock: Kanye West had dominated Twitter trends, digital column inches and broadcast minutes for the last couple of months. Why? He’s promoted a new album, his sneaker range with Adidas, and various public pronouncements of varying degrees of controversial content.

So far, so celebrity normal. But the extent to which he has…

23.02.16 / Architects of Next: Social influencer, content and data evolution / Vikki Chowney, H+K Strategies

“Unicorn” is an overused word in the digital sphere these days. Now applied to startups passing the $BN valuation mark, it used to be reserved for people with special combinations of talents, who were near mythical in their breadth of skills. People like Vikki Chowney.

Vikki’s career has spanned journalism, blogging, PR, community management and content strategy. It’s rare to meet someone who gets words, numbers and people. Now she’s driving content strategies across Hill+Knowlton’s sectors and clients, and evangelising a different organisational model globally. That alone is a sign of someone who’s an Architect of Next, but it’s…

16.02.16 / What is a viral? The changing nature of social media distribution

There’s a pretty standard joke between social media marketers, who have all, at some point or another, been requested to produce a ‘viral’. Cue eye-rolling. But over the last eighteen months or so, that’s changed. It is possible to ‘order a viral’.

Why? Well, a lot of it comes down to the changing definition of ‘viral’, combined with changes to the social media landscape.

So, what does ‘viral’ now mean?

Well, a viral used to refer to the ‘natural’ spread of a piece of content within connected networks. The very term has its roots in its academic origin – the spread of…

12.02.16 / Architects of Next: Getting behind the noise / Anne-Catherine Kaiser, OneFifty

Thus far our #ArchitectsofNext series has focussed on people in other organisations creating what comes next. We’re also going to introduce our architects, starting with Anne-Catherine Kaiser…

“Data Scientist” has become increasingly familiar (if still slightly mysterious) as a role in recent years. Recently Jake and Daryl have both emphasised the need for researchers using social data to be story-tellers, as much as statisticians. But perhaps being an alchemist is as important in the world of social data? In other words, bringing together the emotional and rational context of people’s actions, and merging data sets…

11.02.16 / OneFifty: Social business in practice

What drives people to actively support a business? To follow it, advocate it, recommend it?

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those “5 things to learn about building customer champions’ posts. Undoubtedly a superior experience can, on a functional level, elevate a company’s standing with a customer. But on an emotional level, it’s about a mission, a cause, a purpose. And, perhaps, suffering.

Yes, the suffering which goes into creating a business, growing a business, and running a business. The latter sounds counter-intuitive, but has the narrative arc of noble intentions > initial success > setbacks bravely overcome…

08.02.16 / Architects of Next: Social data is a competitive advantage / Daryl West, O2

Social data can feel abstract. Numbers, spreadsheets, APIs. The preserve of the rational, the scientific, the abstract. But social media and ‘big data’ can drive competitive advantage.

That’s what drives Daryl West, Social Media Insights Manager, at O2. His story is not that of the typical researcher. A serious footballer, who played at semi-pro level, he worked his way through the marketing ranks, working in sports media analysis. A passion for sport shapes both his lifestyle, but also outlook. This year’s challenge is his debut at the London marathon (a prospect he wasn’t relishing when we met,

05.02.16 / Be exceptional at one thing

It’s tempting to say you’re wonderful at everything. Human nature dictates it: we’re hardwired to compete for scarce resources with other humans. That manifests itself in literal competition, or, more often in the modern world, through status (historically higher status equalled greater access to food, shelter, warmth. Perhaps things haven’t changed so much over the millennia….)

This week the rather lovely Dom Burch (we love a Yorkshireman here) wrote an interesting piece for the Drum about a trend for senior marketers to strike out alone, creating informal…

01.02.16 / Measuring your year – data insight in action

More data, more analysis = better understanding and decision making.

If it works for the way organisations operate, why can’t it work for ‘Brand You’. or in this case, ‘Brand Me’ (Alex)?

Yep, putting my professional money where my professional mouth is, I’ve decided to share my year of life data (2015). There’s a whole range of services I’ve used to either live my life digitally, or track my offline life – a full list at the foot of this post.

Why bother? Well, who doesn’t want to live a better, healthier, more productive…

29.01.16 / Architects of Next: Telling stories with social data / Jake Steadman, Twitter

Great stories rarely begin with “He opened the spreadsheet…”. Jake Steadman, who leads international research at Twitter, sees a different world – one where a 21st century fairytale might be powered by R, SQL and visualisation. Data and story telling might be less alien than you realised.

Data and research jobs used to be seen as the preserve of the geek. Hard-working, well meaning individuals who prepared the admittedly important, but rarely consulted stacks of documents every marketing and customer service team commissioned but rarely utilised. Its safe to say Jake doesn’t fit the traditional image…

26.01.16 / Why you (probably) shouldn’t believe 2016 social media predictions

January means resolutions, heavy gym/dating/holiday marketing campaigns, and endless “7 social media trends for 2016” type blog and news posts.

But does anyone stop to consider whether last year’s predictions came true? Are these types of posts really worth reading (or writing)? And how original are they – if you’ve read one, have you read them all?

We decided to do what we do, and apply some quantitative and qualitative analytical rigour to answering these questions.

We analysed social media trend and predictions posts from over a hundred media outlets, agencies, consultancies, research houses, and social software providers, to see just how much…

19.01.16 / How many users do social networks have?

So, you want to know how many users Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or other social networks have? The bad news: It’s a lot of hassle researching the latest numbers. The good news: We’ve done the hard work for you.

What are we doing?

Latest social network user numbers, on a Google Doc, which we will be updating whenever the numbers change. We have doubtless missed some – so if you spot any which are out of date, let us know. Or if you see publicly citable UK figures, likewise.

Why are we doing…

18.01.16 / Architects Of Next: Transparency & trust / David de Koning, Funding Circle

In the first of a regular series we’re calling #ArchitectsOfNext, we sat down with David de Koning, Head of Communications at Funding Circle. As one of the UK’s most disruptive and innovative businesses, he discusses his views on the evolving role of social media and data. This series aims to inspire others with firsthand insight into how people shaping innovative digital engagement models think and deliver their work.

David de Koning is not the conventional face of finance. The marathon runner has a…

12.01.16 / Work at OneFifty

We’re here to bring together the architects of what comes next – and our people are at the heart of that. We’re growing fast, and looking to expand the team. You’d be joining a fresh consultancy which is pioneering new approaches, and have the opportunity to work closely with the founders.

We’re looking for people who are positive, fast-paced and curious about the way people interact, and want to be in an environment focussed on optimising their performance, to build what comes next.

We’re looking to fill three positions so get in touch if any of them sound like a good…

11.01.16 / OneFifty: Made with Instagrammers

Look around. Hopefully you noticed the images. We’re particularly proud of them because they all come from Instagrammers we love. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of any of the images, it will tell you who took it, and link through to their profile.

Part of what we’re doing at OneFifty is bringing together social content creators and brands with new opportunities, which work for everyone (not always the case in the current status quo). We believe social content is the future of content, and want our site to reflect our ambition to…

11.01.16 / Why OneFifty?

Authors who write novels of great social purpose generally let the work speak for itself, and only later in life discuss their purpose and thought process in the act of creation. We intend to do largely the same. But, we get asked regularly “why have you set up OneFifty?” and “why is it called OneFifty?”

Why is it called OneFifty? 

Well, names matter. When you walk into a meeting with a new acquaintance, you have pre-formed impressions, based on societal preconceptions, your personal experience, and personal tastes. But numbers? Well, they carry less baggage. But they…

11.01.16 / Hello, World

We’re excited. OneFifty is Go. So who are we? We’re a digital marketing consultancy who use data and behavioural modelling to help brands and organisations drive more purposeful digital interactions with the people who matter.

We’ve got a pretty straightforward ambition: to work with amazing people who want to be the architects of what comes next. They’re working in organisations, customers, stakeholders and creators of social content.

It’s a lot of time spent working in-house, in agencies, and in consultancies, which has led us to this point. A socially-led, data-rich world is the one we operate…


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