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Creating exceptional data-led user-centric digital brand experiences.

Becky, who joined over the summer as a Principal Consultant, shares why she’s become an Architect of Next.

Yes, there are a lot of words there. But each one has vital importance. It encapsulates the incredible work the team at OneFifty do and what I’m hoping to bring to continue the extraordinary growth the business is seeing.

Let’s break it down.

User-centric: all great digital experiences put the end user first. Some would say it’s a hygiene factor - if you’re not addressing a need, motivation or desire, it fails. It’s pointless.

Data-led: this is what sets us apart. We combine digital data analysis and insights with human behaviours (actually how people act on social) to really know our audiences, really know the platforms, to recommend strategies which work. (And we can prove they will work).

Digital brand experiences: We believe in the power of brand to create differentiated experiences. To create conversation, to create meaningful and memorable moments that are unique to the brand and user connection. Experiences no one else can own. Rooted in the brand strategy, expressed via the brand visual and verbal identity.

Creating: we make the stuff you see on the internet. We actually do. We concept, plan, design, craft and produce. Our Studio means we not only come up with great ideas, we execute them as well.

Exceptional: because everything we create (and I mean everything) is exceptional. We set our bar high, because if we don’t, we fill the internet with more of the same, and who wants to hire a consultancy to do that? We understand what’s going to work, we make it to the highest standards and we connect our brands to their end users.

And that’s why I’m excited to join the team. I’ve come from a large agency background where you never see the change, you never really get under the skin of your audience, and very very rarely do you get to touch real world execution. Every day at OneFifty we are producing fresh content that lives and breathes across digital channels. We are actively making those connections, designing those experiences, and having conversations with our end users.

Pushing the boundaries of the expected, to cut through to our audiences.

Expect to hear (and see!) a lot more from me!


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