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We work with brands and individuals to use data and models of human behaviour to drive purposeful digital interactions.


We work with organisations to develop strategies, models and capabilities for the socially-driven world.


We use the explosion of social data to extract answers, which can drive action for businesses and society. We provide products and consultancy.


We define models of influence and supply the platform to engage those who make a difference in social media.

Social media has changed the way organisations operate, and we work with marketing, brand, communications and customer services teams at brands including:

Let’s be architects of what comes next.


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10.06.21 / LinkedIn ‘Recommend to employees’ feature – what you need to know

LinkedIn’s new tool by which you can suggest content/posts, to your colleagues who have your company as their current employer on the platform

20.04.21 / How will Apple’s iOS 14 update impact Facebook advertising?

Consultant Daniel details what you need to know about Apple’s iOS 14 update, what it is and how it’ll impact Facebook advertising.

09.04.21 / Why I spend my weekends learning about mental health

Becoming a mental health first aider and how self-guided skills development can contribute not just to a business, but to the wider world.

06.04.21 / CEO social media best practice examples

Our new research on FTSE 100 C-suite / CEO use of social media showed some notable strong performers for CEOs. Here’s the best practice.

19.02.21 / Growing great people

Job opportunities in social media and digital marketing

09.02.21 / Habits: An Update

Yet habits underpin much of our behaviours. We’ve recently refreshed our research so you can read more on what this means during lockdown 3.0

08.12.20 / Do we control the algorithm or does it control us?

Do we control the algorithm or does it control us? An experiment…

07.12.20 / What are algorithms?

Algorithms. Maybe you’ve heard about the social ones, or the academic rankings. But what are they, where did they come from and why do you care?

24.11.20 / B2B Technology – what’s changed in 2020?

Security, privacy and digital workplaces. How has B2B technology changed in 2020?

29.10.20 / The Internet’s worst kept organic social secret

Giphy. The gif that keeps on giving for organic social success.

26.10.20 / Principally important, how a client became one of the team – it’s all in the culture

Annabel tells us how she ended up joining OneFifty… So as social is our USP, I thought copying a current social trend would be the way to go… How it started…

05.10.20 / What can marketers learn from lockdown V1?

Lessons learned from lockdown that we need to remember for winter and lockdown v2.

19.06.20 / How brands can take advantage of a new Google ad feature – Google Shopping

Why and how you should include Google’s latest feature in your social acquisition strategy

16.06.20 / Getting GIPHY with it

It’s often the overlooked social channel (and it’s 700M users…) but there are big results to be had. This is what you need to know.

12.06.20 / What the latest PlayStation launch says about purchase intent

The PS5 has just been announced. Anne-Catherine is going to tell you why you should care.

18.05.20 / Reality stars and TikTok – a match made in social heaven

Sounds on TikTok – what they are and who’s using them

05.05.20 / Productivity Hacks 2.0: 8 of the best Google Chrome extensions

8 of the best Google Chrome extensions, according to us.

27.04.20 / Making your at home office feel like an at work office

We’ve all been WFH for a little while. Here’s how Becki is making it an office away from the office. 

04.04.20 / A short guide to uploading your first TikTok

A step by step guide of how to film, edit and add text on TikTok.

27.03.20 / Bored at home and looking for a lockdown hobby? TikTok might just have the answer…

The top trending hashtags on TikTok right now. Do some lockdown learning. Have a look.

17.03.20 / How to WFH – you’re going to need these tips

Olivia has been working from home for the last two weeks and we’ve all been grateful for these tips. So in true OneFifty style, we’re sharing. 

09.03.20 / Shut the front door, data is great

When you work in data, THIS is how you approach house hunting! And there’s a handy spreadsheet you can steal…

14.02.20 / How Twitter got me my first (and most recent) job

On my 10 year Twitterversary, here’s why Twitter will always be my first love.

11.02.20 / Would you like a sports analogy with that?

How to use the philosophy of Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, to optimise your performance at work.

06.02.20 / TikTok trends – what goes viral, and how to predict it?

As 2019’s most downloaded app, TikTok has seen a huge surge in popularity. Here’s what you need to know about going viral.

30.01.20 / Instagram in 2019: Did it change, or did we?

Another year and there are even more changes in how we’re using Instagram. This is what you need to know.

27.01.20 / Why I will always love Facebook. Don’t at me.

Facebook gets some flack. Here are the positive things we should all remember.

22.01.20 / Join our TikTok breakfast seminar: 13th February

Get under the skin of this year’s fastest growth, most exciting social media platform – TikTok.

13.01.20 / 5 productivity hacks I’ve learned at OneFifty

Not so secret tips to increase your productivity (and they’re probably not what you think they are…)

07.01.20 / We’re 4!

It’s our birthday so it’s only right to celebrate.

23.12.19 / What it’s like to do an internship for a start up

Almost a year ago, Olivia joined us after graduating from Edinburgh Uni. As 2019 comes to a close, this is what she’s learned. 

17.12.19 / TikTok and UK politics

Was the biggest shock last week that Corbyn was sent packing by such a margin, OR that some people made TikToks about the election?

16.12.19 / Fact over fiction: digital campaigning in a post Cambridge Analytica world

Face over fiction? What impact does digital campaigning actually have over the UK election?

03.12.19 / Podcasts to get you through the day – the update

Our top picks to enjoy when you have some festive downtime.

02.12.19 / The 5 Best Digital Skills to Learn Today

Being digitally inclined can lead you to a plethora of opportunities in today’s digitalised era. Hike up your employability—in any field—by hiking up your know-how with the best digital skills to learn today.  Learn which of the 5 types of digital skills can help you get a leg-up in your career, as well as how […]

22.09.19 / Team learning habits – on a Friday

OneFifty team sharing practices and data on a Friday

13.09.19 / Instagram Isn’t (Just) A Narcissistic Place

With Instagram holding the title of the “worst social media network for mental health and wellbeing”, here are some words in defence. 

30.07.19 / Bye bye pen and paper. Hello Todoist.

How do you ditch a lifetime habit and embrace something far more effective when it comes to the way you work?

05.07.19 / Startups 100 2019: We’re on the list again!

We’re on the list of the UK’s best and most exciting startups.

01.07.19 / Data: Lost in translation

We all too often believe in data’s power of indisputable “truth”, BUT you need to ask the right questions. Which are…

14.05.19 / Podcasts to get you through the day – from Sarah

From the morning commute to falling asleep, our podcast recommendations for all times of day.

08.04.19 / Instagram Trends 2019: An Update

2019’s Instagram trends actually happening

17.10.18 / Social media is good

There we said it. It’s a dirty concept. Verboten, ‘other’, naive. But, for all the challenges it presents, social media is about progress.


Meet our Senior Consultant, Sarah Morton.

26.07.18 / Case Study: Advance Together, a new wave of politics

This is how we worked with them in the run up to the May local elections. 

28.06.18 / Which England World Cup songs are most popular?

Music matters to fans – but which is the greatest? Data tells us….

05.06.18 / The UK’s most popular internship, or how to get 10k intern applications

We’ve just had our 10,000th applicant for our internship. Based on data, this was 2017’s most popular job listing.

22.05.18 / #Startups100: OneFifty comes in at #54

Today we heard we’d been included in the Startups 100: an annual ranking of the UK’s hottest start ups.

06.05.18 / Rogue Ponies: make top creators your content studio

We’ve launched something new. Something which gives you better, quicker and more brand content. Say hello to Rogue Ponies

23.04.18 / From one startup to another: how do we discuss mental health?

Why we think mental health should be treated like your physical health – an interview with James Routledge from Sanctus.

23.04.18 / The social side of mental health

We’re looking at the conversations happening in social around mental health.

22.01.18 / Quantify your business and busy-ness: Todoist in practice

One of our core beliefs is sharing how we do things for the better. We’re asked a lot about how we run tasks and projects. It’s called Todoist.

14.01.18 / We’re hiring for something new

Three-month internship for someone who lives and breathes social media. Join our team.

13.12.17 / Twitter Promote: a review of an innovative social advertising product

Twitter Promote launched into beta recently. We’ve trialled it for your delectation and edification.

20.11.17 / Do the most hyped gifts make the most praised presents?

No, not always… Read this before you get your Christmas shopping underway!

16.11.17 / The Most Popular Gifts of 2016 and Our Predictions for 2017

Hygge, VR or Smart Speakers? The data gives us some hints.

06.11.17 / A year living social trends: Christmas shopping

November is the month where conversation around gifts begins to gather momentum. So that’s the trend we’re living this month.

01.11.17 / A year living social trends: Automating your life – what we found

After a month of letting algorithms and notifications run my life, what have I found?

29.10.17 / A year living social trends: Automate your life, newborn babies

How to automate things when you have a newborn… As part of living our October trend – automate your life

23.10.17 / Living social trends: Automating your life, another 10 days in…

Anne-Catherine continues to automate her life in October. It’s not all plain-sailing…

13.10.17 / A year living social trends: October – Week 1 of automating my life

I’m at the end of week one of letting robots make my daily choices. The perfect moment to share my experiences with you!

04.10.17 / A year living social trends: October, I’m automating my life

Anne-Catherine is automating as much of her life as possible, in October. This is how.

30.09.17 / Can social media predict the best gym experience in London?

For our September reset trend, Olivia tries them out.


We’ve got a new joiner, Maddie, just in time for the September reset!

18.09.17 / A year living social trends: September, time to upgrade?

September is a big month for upgrades, which might not be surprising when it coincides with iPhone launches. So, upgrade or no upgrade for Anne-Catherine?

17.09.17 / A year living social trends: A new hobby for life reset

September is all about renewing, restarting, upgrading, and starting something new. So Katie is taking up a brand new hobby…

06.09.17 / A year living social trends: September is the Life Reset

This September we’re resetting: renewing, restarting, upgrading, and starting something new.

05.09.17 / Beer and Social Media Marketing – What Works?

There’s been a significant shift to quality over quantity for UK beer drinkers but how has this been reflected in beers perform on social media?

30.08.17 / Will Kemble-Clarkson, Ctrl-Shift: GDPR is an opportunity for growth

GDPR is a hot topic. Here’s guest blogger Will Kemble-Clarkson, from business consultants Ctrl-Shift, tto tell you what you need to know.

28.08.17 / Crack open a cold one with these beer apps

Our social trend for August is Craft beer. This is how beer apps have tapped into the existing craft beer trend to maximise their success.

18.08.17 / A YEAR LIVING SOCIAL TRENDS: Is Craft Beer leading a gender shift in beer drinking?

We’ve been delving further into this month’s trend, using social media to see if craft beer is encouraging women to drink and talk about beer.

02.08.17 / A Year Living Social Trends: August is Craft Beer

Social conversation about Craft beer is on the rise. So August’s trend we’re living is exactly that – here’s the data.

31.07.17 / A year living social trends: Outdoor Cinema – We lived it. We loved it.

July’s social trend is Outdoor Cinema, so we’ve been living it. Here’s how are trip went – all informed by data of course.

23.07.17 / A year living social trends: Outdoor Cinema – letting the data decide

When you need to decide what to watch, we turn to the data. Here are the winners and losers.

09.07.17 / A year living social trends: Outdoor Cinema

We’re continuing to live our social trends each month, from veganism to gardening. This brings us to July’s pick – outdoor cinema.

25.06.17 / A year living social trends: marble, an Interview with blogger Abi Dare, These Four Walls

June’s trend is marble, so we’ve interviewed blogger Abi Dare – the woman behind These Four Walls

18.06.17 / Experiments with beer and a bit of science

We held a beer tasting evening. Does knowing the brand and price of beer impact how much you like it?


There is a lot of marbling going on, and not just the stone material itself. We’re investigating why marble became so popular on social…


May’s trend is gardening so we spoke to someone who’s shaking up the green fingered community.

23.05.17 / A year living social trends: Chelsea Flower Show – what we’re sharing on social

Chelsea Flower Show starts this week. We’ve looked at who, how and what people are talking and sharing when it comes to social media.

21.05.17 / A year living social trends: Gardening – why I allotment

This month we’re exploring the growing interest in gardening- here’s Alex’s personal experience of having an allotment.

14.05.17 / An interview with Ian Reynolds, Social Media Manager at The RHS

May’s consumer trend is gardening, so we’ve interviewed the man running the social media of the world’s largest gardening charity, The RHS.

13.05.17 / Three psychology theories that apply to social media

I work in social media AND have a psychology degree, so here are my top three psychology theories and studies that apply to social media.

11.05.17 / Living social trends: the most popular flowers in social

May’s consumer trend we’re living is gardening – so what flowers tops the charts on social discussion?

07.05.17 / What do OneFifty’s benefits, driven by behavioural understanding, look like? (Avocados).

Here’s what benefits, driven by behavioural understanding, look like. Avocados.

06.05.17 / A year of living social trends: Health reset cooking

Matt and Olivia cook up a storm with the social foods we’re talking about.

01.05.17 / A year living social trends: Gardening

We’re living a different consumer trend each month. Social media data shows that May is THE month where we go plant potty.

28.04.17 / A year of living social trends: Eating the April health reset foods

April is all about the health reset and certain foods are seeing a huge growth in social discussion. So we’re eating them.


We’re spending 2017 living social trends. April is health reset – but who and what is driving this? Here’s a look at social data and behaviours…

13.04.17 / A year of living social trends. Health reset: the foods we’re chomping

Food is the key element of this April/Easter, so we’ve dived into which foods the nation will be turning to once the indulgence is done.

02.04.17 / The 2016 Boat Race on social

Ahead of today’s Cancer Research Boat Races, here’s how the race, reactions and chatter panned out on social media last year.

01.04.17 / A year of living social trends: April, health reset

We believe in the power of social data to reveal people’s behaviours, so we’re living a year of social trends. April = health reset.

31.03.17 / An interview with Hannah Lanfear, brand ambassador for Jensen’s Gin

Our social trend for March is gin, so we’ve been speaking to Jensen Gin’s brand ambassador about the history of the spirit.

21.03.17 / Identifying consumer purchase trends through social data

We’re living a different social trend every month in 2017, and so far we’re very much on trend… So says the ONS’s inflation basket.

11.03.17 / Exploring the history of gin… At the Beefeater distillery.

To kick start our gin month we took a trip to the Beefeater distillery in Kennington. Olivia tells us what we found.

11.03.17 / An interview with Paul Jackson, editor of The Gin Guide

To get further under the skin of our March trend, we’ve been chatting to the Editor of one of the best and interesting guides to all things gin.

06.03.17 / Get your copy of OneFifty’s Architects of Next book

We’ve interviewed a range of inspiring people, who are shaping the way brands, creators and customers interact through social media.

03.03.17 / A year of social trends: March is “Ginnaissance”

Gin is big – sales are growing and the digital hype is even bigger. We’ve tracked its social growth as the trend we’re living in March.

03.03.17 / Getting back on a bike, after a 20 year hiatus.

So having not ridden a bike in many, many years, what’s it like to get back in the saddle and contemplate the streets of London?

26.02.17 / Interview: CyclingCam talks cycling and vlogging

We’re looking at the growth of cycling and social trends around it. So we’ve chatted to CyclingCam, the fast-growing British vlogger and cyclist.

21.02.17 / Nathaniel: Sucked in by the Strava Data Sets

Our February social trend is cycling – this is how competitive you can get with Strava and focus on the data. Who’s up for the challenge?

21.02.17 / A month of living vegan: what did we learn?

Olivia and Alex finished January, living life vegan. This is what they learnt from going plant-based.

14.02.17 / Interview: London Cyclist (Andreas)

London Cyclist is the premier destination of the commuter cyclists of London. Here’s Andreas’ views on cycling, commuting and social, in the capital.

14.02.17 / The London cycling commute – from first-timer Matt

Thinking about cycling to work? Here’s how Matt found hitting the London roads for the first time.

12.02.17 / Architect of Next, Anne-Catherine: Things you only know about social media when you’re from Germany

OneFifty Architect of Next, Anne-Catherine, is our Bavarian data analyst: here’s the unique traits of the German social scene.

07.02.17 / Living social trends: February, cycling

We’re continuing our 2017 living a social media trend per month. Which brings us to cycling – our February pick.

27.01.17 / Interview: Eat Plants (Ash) talks about veganism and social media

As part of OneFifty’s veganuary journey, we’ve been speaking with vegan content creators. YouTuber Ash, or Eat Plants, talks about challenging his body.

24.01.17 / Interview: Vegan Fitness (Darren) talks about veganism and social media

We’ve gone vegan for January. Darren one half of Vegan Family TV, shares his thoughts on a growing trend.

20.01.17 / Vegan trend: from recipes to photos, the content that drives social media

Veganism is the fastest growing lifestyle trend: over 360% growth in the last 10 decade. I’m doing Veganuary to see what it’s all about.

12.01.17 / CES 2017: social media hits and misses

We’ve analysed the CES social conversation to see which products and technologies will make the jump to consumer’s hands.

01.01.17 / A year of living social trends: Vegan January

This is the first month of our year living social trends and we’re going vegan for January. By ‘we’ – specifically Alex and Olivia.

01.01.17 / A year of living social trends

Every month in 2017, we’re going to live a consumer trend, which we’ve identified via social data analysis.

23.12.16 / The truth behind Christmas dinner: what we really love, and when we plan it

We’re more positive about Christmas cake and carrots, Scots are down on mince pies. Here’s what we really think about Christmas dinner using social and search data.


Having spent years as a GB rower, quantifying what works, doesn’t, and just hurts, he’s now helping brands win their own digital races.

21.11.16 / ARCHITECTS OF NEXT: Natalie Glaze/OneFifty

Meet the latest Architect of Next to join the team – she’s developing new, better ways for social creators and influencers to work with brands

13.11.16 / Social media behaviours – modelling, and why we need to free the data

Why we need a consistent and public call to arms for more open social data to empower us all.

27.10.16 / Buying Twitter followers – what you need to know.

We’ve done it so you don’t have to – here’s what the underworld looks like.

23.10.16 / Social influencers – disclosure isn’t the (only) problem

We’re all talking about disclosure, but how prevalent is it, why and what should we be doing?

03.09.16 / OneFifty – made with more Instagrammers

We believe social imagery defines the modern brand. So we walk the walk. We only use social images across all our materials. – here are the latest

09.08.16 / Getting a social media internship – advice from the frontline

We’ve had several great interns join us this year. These are the lessons from their experience of applying for social media internships.

05.08.16 / ARCHITECTS OF NEXT: Bian Salins / head of social, TSB

Meet Bian Salins, she’s driven social media approaches to more areas of business operations, in more businesses than you, almost certainly.

01.08.16 / Architect’s of Next: Building emotional connections / Yossi Erdman, AO.com

Yossi Erdman is the man making washing machines talkable. And that’s exactly how he succeeds at the social media helm of AO.com.

25.07.16 / Architects of Next: Social media’s currency is engagement / Anthony Leung, Pret

“Mean Write Hook”. Pretty funny, eh? Anthony Leung, social media manager at Pret, appreciates the value of a good pun, right down to his Twitter username.

08.07.16 / LinkedIn ‘viral’ posts: emotion and algorithms

LinkedIn newsfeeds used to be places for promotions, role changes and occasional news links. Now it’s getting emotional, or pro-emo. Here’s what’s driving it.

08.06.16 / Architects of next: Making social media pay for Nationwide / Paul Beadle

As head of social media and digital communications at Nationwide Building Society, Paul demonstrates the practicality needed to make social work.

15.05.16 / Architects of next: Meet the marketing future, today / Sedge Beswick, ASOS

Meet the future of marketing and social media, Sedge Beswick, ASOS’ Global senior social & community manager.

29.04.16 / Architects of Next: Being a positive difference / Nikki Towler, Bare Escentuals

How do you use social media and digital engagement to build a challenger brand? People talk about it, but Bare Escentuals’ Nikki Towler does it.

14.04.16 / Why are we called OneFifty?

Heard of Dunbar’s number? It all comes down to how to meaningfully connect with people on a social level.

12.04.16 / UK rules and law on (paid for) blog or blog content marketing

What the ASA and CMA guidelines mean for your (paid for) blogger and influencer marketing campaigns

04.04.16 / 2016: What’s new for the major social networks?

New developments in social media for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn YouTube and Tumblr.

28.03.16 / Architects of Next: What a social world looks like / Cat O’Brien, OneFifty

Our #ArchitectsofNext series focuses on people in other organisations creating what comes next, but also introduces our very own architects…

22.03.16 / Influencer marketing – why the term is being misused. A lot.

How have we got to this point, where the term ‘influencer’ is so revered, and yet the definition, identification and activation of, is so muddy?

18.03.16 / What does Instagram’s new algorithm mean for you?

What do the recent changes really mean for businesses and social influencers, is it really the end of the world?

07.03.16 / Top social media news: Ten minutes a day

So, you’ve got ten minutes a day and want to read the top social media news? Here’s our speed reading list.

02.03.16 / Kanye West – social comms savant

What Kanye West can teach you when it comms to social comms strategy and tactics.

23.02.16 / Architects of Next: Social influencer, content and data evolution / Vikki Chowney, H+K Strategies

This is the fourth in our# architectsofnext series, which profiles the people on the frontline of building what comes next, through social media.

16.02.16 / What is a viral? The changing nature of social media distribution

Can you order ‘a viral’ and how has its meaning changed over the last 18 months?

12.02.16 / Architects of Next: Getting behind the noise / Anne-Catherine Kaiser, OneFifty

One of our own #ArchitectsofNext talks about the role of data scientists in getting behind the social media noise.

11.02.16 / OneFifty: Social business in practice

What drives people to actively support a business? To follow it, advocate it, recommend it?

08.02.16 / Architects of Next: Social data is a competitive advantage / Daryl West, O2

O2’s social media insights manager explains how social insight and data brings a competitive advantage to the P&L of a business.

05.02.16 / Be exceptional at one thing

There’s A trend for senior marketers to strike out alone, creating informal networks of highly specialised micro agencies, with mutual referrals.

01.02.16 / Measuring your year – data insight in action

This is what it looks like when Alex measured his entire year – from content consumed and created to exercise and music

29.01.16 / Architects of Next: Telling stories with social data / Jake Steadman, Twitter

Jake Steadman, who leads international research at Twitter, sees a different world. Data and story telling might be less alien than you realised.

26.01.16 / Why you (probably) shouldn’t believe 2016 social media predictions

Does anyone stop to consider whether last year’s predictions came true? We decided to do what we do, and apply some analytical rigour to answering these questions.

19.01.16 / How many users do social networks have?

You want to know how many users every social network has? The good news: We’ve done the hard work for you.

18.01.16 / Architects Of Next: Transparency & trust / David de Koning, Funding Circle

In the first of a regular series we’re calling #ArchitectsOfNext, we sat down with David de Koning, Head of Communications at Funding Circle.

12.01.16 / Work at OneFifty

We’re here to bring together the architects of what comes next – and our people are at the heart of that. Interested? So are we, get in touch.

11.01.16 / OneFifty: Made with Instagrammers

Look around. Hopefully you noticed the images. We’re particularly proud of them because they all come from Instagrammers we love.

11.01.16 / Why OneFifty?

We get asked regularly “why have you set up OneFifty?” and “why is it called OneFifty?”. So here’s why.

11.01.16 / Hello, World

We’re excited. OneFifty is Go. So who are we? We’re a digital marketing consultancy with data and behavioural modelling at the heart, to reach the people who matter.