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Architects of Next: Getting behind the noise / Anne-Catherine Kaiser, OneFifty

Thus far our #ArchitectsofNext series has focussed on people in other organisations creating what comes next. We’re also going to introduce our architects, starting with Anne-Catherine Kaiser…

“Data Scientist” has become increasingly familiar (if still slightly mysterious) as a role in recent years. Recently Jake and Daryl have both emphasised the need for researchers using social data to be story-tellers, as much as statisticians. But perhaps being an alchemist is as important in the world of social data? In other words, bringing together the emotional and rational context of people’s actions, and merging data sets to build a rounded picture of audiences. That’s a clarity unimaginable until recently.

That certainly reflects Anne-Catherine. A German-Luxembourger by background, she cheerfully reflects on having a broad skill-set: “Maths didn’t click for me until university. Suddenly I loved it – being able to work through THE answer.” Likewise her international outlook (born in Luxemberg, growing up in Germany, and having lived in China and now London): “it’s taught me how to bring out the best bits of lots of cultures – and the importance of accents!” Although, as a keen cyclist, she will tell you the shortcomings of London’s cyclist road network and rain…

That blending of the rational and human extends to her work. She’s previously got deep into the minds of different immigrant cultures arriving in the UK, for Lebara, the ex-pat Mobile Virtual Network (MVNO). “No single dataset tells the whole story of something as rich and variable as the mindset and lifestages of someone from a particular culture arriving into the UK. To really understand the challenges, hopes, fears and aspirations, I really had to fuse different research techniques, datasets, but above all the social context of their day-to-day existence.”

At OneFifty she brings the same appreciation of the nuances and complexity of human existence to social data insights, to drive what comes next. “It’s the ability to interpret someone’s emotional context which is so exciting about swimming in deep social data – what are the things they really love and hate, that stimulate them to action, and drive them to interact?

“Mapping those patterns and networks of social interaction is like uncovering a map no-one has ever seen before, for an undiscovered forest. But where it really changes the potential for organisations to drive what comes next is when we weave it with other data sets to build a more rounded picture of their emotional and functional context – not only what they care about, but what they actually do. There’s a difference, for all of us.”

Thoughts on why social data matters:

Living in different time zones can be a real hassle to stay in touch with all my friends – and I counted: it is 150 meaningful connections. Social media really changed my way of communication and ability to still be a part of my friend’s lives around the world. I am always fascinated by how much emotion and friendship we can actually share through social media.

Imagine the power of connecting this data with brand aspiration and strategy.

What I love about OneFifty is that we combine data, human behaviour models and personal experience to build a story and meaningful conversations. How cool would it be to read only engaging and relevant posts from your favorite brands and celebrities? That’s where I see the true value for brands – and me as a consumer!  

What comes next?

As a researcher, data scientist and inquisitive individual, I am particularly interested in what comes next and how it can help me to better predict the future. BuzzGraphs, Natural Language Processing or Community grouping are just a few things to mention here… It helps us to better analyse new social media behaviour of millions of people around the globe – leveraging the right channels, connecting the off- and online world and steering meaningful conversations around user-generated content.

There’s a difference to make, let’s be architects of what comes next…

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