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Startups 100 2019: We’re on the list again!

We’re feeling hot, hot hot. And it’s not the fact it’s currently 27 degrees outside (although that is contributing). You might remember that last year we featured on the Startups 100 list – an annual ranking of the UK’s newest and most exciting businesses. Well, we’ve made it for a second year running!

It’s the one award that we said would mean the most to us when we set up OneFifty because it’s not just confined to the marketing and comms industry but all startups. So the fact we’ve been named on it twice is a huge achievement. 

We’re now in our third year of using data understanding and human behaviours to have more effective brand and commercial interactions with the people who actually matter. We’ve stayed true to our word from the very beginning: Opinions don’t matter, facts do. Being genuinely effective means looking at the evidence of how people live today – and challenge ourselves and others to prove it. 

We want to say a very big and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has worked with and for us – the Architect’s of Next who have joined us on our journey. 

Now, we are all about the data, so here’s our journey so far in numbers:

  1. 46 brands worked with

  2. 21 members of the OneFifty team (and 1 dog for a little while)

  3. 5 offices because we keep growing out of them 

  4. 460,200 messages sent on Slack 

  5. 11 WeWork cards misplaced

We’ve got so much more we want to achieve, and more people to bring on our journey, so if you have 2 minutes and you know someone who we should be chatting to, we’re right here! Or just give us a shout out on social, we always love that.


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