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Top social media news: Ten minutes a day

So, you’ve got ten minutes a day and want to read the top social media news?

Well, our lives are to exist in, and about, social media, but we understand that not everyone’s are. Some people are just interested, some only see social media as part of, or tangential to their roles. Some people are just really, really busy.

But it’s human nature to want to know what’s new. What the latest, greatest, unmissable thing is. Well, we’ve put together the speed reading list which you should do every day, to stay on top of the latest social media news.

A word of warning, however: there is a huge echo-chamber effect. Judging by volume of mentions alone over the last few months in these sources, you could be forgiven for assuming that Snapchat was the biggest social network after Facebook. They don’t represent the really engaging news from which one derives competitive advantage. It’s also important not to confuse news with analysis. These will leave you informed on ‘what’ but not ‘why’. For that we’d humbly suggest reading this very blog, amongst others…

  1. Digiday

  2. Advertising Age

  3. Search Engine Land

  4. The news sections and developer blogs of the major social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat)

  5. Techcrunch

  6. Business Insider

Why these? They reliably cover the major technical as well as marketing applications of social media. What’s more, they do so from different perspectives (marketing specific, tech specific, broader business).


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