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A short guide to uploading your first TikTok

If you’ve spent any time on social media recently, you’ve probably seen people sharing the top TikTok challenges on Instagram and Twitter – you don’t have to be using TikTok to recognise the Dream Feet Dance (you probably know it as the ‘TikTok foot dance’ though) or the Emoji Challenge (again, you might know it as the ‘TikTok hand dance’). You’ve probably wondered how these videos are made, but been too shy to give them a go – well now’s the ideal time to download the app, perfect your dance skills and learn how to use TikTok. After all, what better way to use your time if you’re spending the weekend inside the house?

That’s why we’ve created this handy video to show you exactly how to film your first video and how to edit on TikTok too.

Which easy TikTok dances should I go for?

If you’re wondering which trend is easiest or which you should try first, open TikTok and head to the ForYou page and find a dance you like the look of. We’ve chosen the ‘Duet me pls I’m lonely’ song for our video, which is pretty easy to get the hang of and a great introduction into the world of dance challenges. There are loads to choose from, and it doesn’t have to be dances either – there are a number of viral TikTok challenges where people lip-sync or wink at the camera in time to music (strange, we know).

Now the fun part. Once you’ve found the sound you like, tap the name of the song at the bottom to see all the top TikToks which have used that sound. From here you can press the ‘Use this sound’ to start recording your first TikTok.

How to film

Practised your dance routine and ready to capture it on camera? The easiest way to film is to hold down the centre button to record your video, and the sound will play in the background. There are additional options here to speed up or slow down your video, as well as adding flash and filters, but we’ll come to those shortly.

How to add edit filters and effects on TikTok

Once you’ve filmed, slick the tick button The filter icon is on the top right corner of the screen; click this to open up your filter library. There’s a whole range in here; some of the best TikTok filters include colour changes (similar to Instagram filters), black and white or even neon colouring! Our favourite at OneFifty is the sparkle effect filter.

You’ve sorted the colouring of your video – now it’s time to add effects. Click the effects button and chose from TikTok’s wonderful array of effects to add onto your video. Rainbow strobe for the first 15 seconds? Go on then. Just drag and drop onto your video for the desired amount of time. You can also add transitions, such as a count down, or add stickers and emojis over the top of your clip.

How to edit text on TikTok

Many TikTok challenges have text which appear over the video. To add text to TikTok, simple chose text from the icons at the bottom of the screen and start typing. You’ll see here that there are various text settings to chose from, including fonts, colours, alignment and the background.

To edit the amount of time that the text is on the screen, tap the text, choose ‘set duration’ and move the slider to select the start and finish.


Press the tick and you’ve made your very first TikTok! That wasn’t so hard, was it?

If you want to know more about making TikToks, get in touch, follow us on TikTok or head to our TikTok page to see how we’re supporting other brands.


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