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#Startups100: OneFifty comes in at #54


We’ve had just over two years of using data and models of human behaviour to drive purposeful digital interactions with the people who matter. Also known as working seriously hard to build something new, something we can be proud of, and something which can help everyone create what comes next.

Today we heard we’d been included in the Startups 100: an annual ranking of the UK’s hottest start ups. We’ve spent our time doing great stuff with partners, brands and creators, rather than shouting about it, and what means most here is that we’re alongside businesses doing everything from property tech to non-dairy milks. i.e. this isn’t just a ranking of digital and marketing businesses, but of startups generally. This was something we set our sights on when we were first dreaming up OneFifty, so it feels a bit surreal typing this.

To state the obvious, we couldn’t have done it with you. From clients to partners, to cheerleaders to creators, to friends and more: thanks. We sincerely mean it. So, cheesy as it is, this recognition is as much for you as us. Albeit we’re the ones eating the amazing emoji cake…

Here’s some data points about the journey so far, in true OneFifty fashion…

  1. 31 brands we have worked with

  2. 15 members of the OneFifty team

  3. 2 office moves

  4. 500 million combined audience of the brands and creators we’ve worked with

  5. Over 200,000 slack messages sent as we work our daily magic

  6. 11,000+ applicants to join the team (Seriously, blog post coming soon on this)

  7. 1 new partner business launched

  8. 1 passport, 1 laptop and 6 credit cards lost

  9. We don’t know how many beers or coffees. It feels an area best left unquantified

Want to help us do even more? Well, you could:

  1. Keep reading and sharing –  encourage people to sign up for our regular newsletters, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram

  2. Introduce us to brands, creators, partners who would benefit from our approach

  3. Say well done (it makes us feel good) on social media

Thanks for your friendship over the first 2 years. This is just the beginning. Let’s build what comes next, together.

(Also, isn’t it great the way our first photos we used were really bad, so it means despite all the hours, we don’t look any worse – now that’s strategic…).

Thanks, and here’s to what comes next…


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