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Team learning habits – on a Friday

If you follow us regularly, you know that we at OneFifty do thing differently. We don’t do dress-down Fridays (every day is a day where we dress like the people we are) and we don’t need the pub at 4 (because WeWork is providing free beer every day – yes you read correctly). Instead, we are big Friday Hooray-ers!

Friday Hooray a 15-20 minutes session that Sarah introduced back in October last year. The purpose is to share our highlights and learnings with each other, each week. A lot of projects we do are advanced data analysis and brand sensitive, so we can’t always shout about them in public, but every Friday afternoon we take the time to learn and celebrate what we have achieved together. 

It does a lot for us as a team, some things are obvious and some are surprising. Let’s have a look at what the data says about our Friday Hoorays:

Below’s a word cloud with all our weekly highlights. You’re looking at 219 anonymised data lines – or all the things that the team mentioned as being their winner each week.

The three obvious ones are standing out:

  1. We’re a positive bunch of people – half of our top 10 most mentioned words are positive: happy, good, enjoyed, and great. I know this word cloud is biased and only showing the weekly highlights, but nonetheless is it showing very strong emotive words

  2. We’re passionate about our client work – clients are frequently mentioned as a highlight each week. But what we equally love is our team lunch on Thursdays;)

  3. We enjoy doing what we’re best at: social, content, campaigns, influencers, data and reports (wait, who said that??)

And this wouldn’t be a OneFifty blog post if we weren’t looking at what the data actually tells us about human behaviour (or what it doesn’t)…

  1. Feedback – a thing that we strongly believe in at OneFifty is instant feedback. Looks like people are actually valuing this, to make their work the best they can

  2. Best/ satisfying – our work is excellent because that’s the standard we set for ourselves. Seems like this isn’t something we are just preaching, but what makes people actually feel proud 

  3. Different/ feeling – as I said earlier, there’s a OneFifty way to do things. Being different isn’t something you can learn, it is something that we live and feel

So, try putting the yay into Friday yourself, and see what it tells you…



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