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The UK’s most popular internship, or how to get 10k intern applications

We’ve just had our 10,000th applicant for our internship.

Based on data from the main graduate jobs platforms, this was 2017’s most popular job listing (relatively).

This is how to do it.

Except we aren’t really sure how it has happened, to be honest.

I mean it’s a great job. Six months, paid London living wage. Great benefits. Great opportunities (you do real work, from day one. We aren’t really sure where the photocopier is, and we have a barista to do coffee).

It’s in digital, data, social media, all of which are growth areas and of particular appeal to ‘millennials’ (this is a joke, we don’t actually believe millennial is a meaningful term). It’s also in a startup (actually one of the UK’s hottest, since you ask), which is of growing interest to people starting their career.

There’s lots we don’t know.

Not least why one person only stayed 2 days, without explanation. That was odd. Yet four are permanent members of the team now forging exceptional careers. So we think that’s a better indicator.

No-one’s sent us a shoe (“to get a foot in the door”) disappointingly. One person told us it was “terrifyingly cool”. We remain unsure if that was a compliment or not, as they actually seemed terrified.

  1. 10,000 applications

  2. 9 hired

  3. 6,000 applications without typos (estimate).

We’ve covered top tips before but above all else: a passion for the internet. We’ve got it. You need it.


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