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We’re hiring for something new

2017 was a pretty epic year for OneFifty but we’re even more excited about what’s coming up in 2018. We might be going a bit rogue…

We’re launching something new in the next couple of months (which we’ll be talking more about nearer the time!) and we’re on the hunt for someone to join the team initially on a paid three-month internship. This is someone who lives and breathes social media. They’ll have social content creators they passionately follow, they know what gets the most clicks, likes and shares on their own content and they’re naturally curious about how social platforms develop and grow.

They’ll be responsible for building great relationships with social creators (and you might be one yourself), so strong interpersonal skills are a must.  

It might be you, it might be someone you know. Get in touch, we want to hear from you.


  1. Social influencer identification and relationship management

  2. Research and information gathering

  3. Development of business materials

  4. Operational business support

  5. Learning


  1. In-depth knowledge of how social platforms work and the role of social content creators

  2. Regular personal use of Instagram and/or YouTube and actively follow social creators

  3. Ability to research within social platforms

  4. Well-organised

  5. Strong ATD and a drive to deliver the best work

  6. Strong interpersonal skills

Salary: London living wage.


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