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Why I will always love Facebook. Don’t at me.

Facebook. It gets some flack. So here are the musings of one of our Senior Consultant’s, Becki, to remind us why it’s not so bad.

  • TikTok – new favourite child

  • Instagram – good looking cousin who is always travelling to a glam place

  • Twitter – annoying auntie who people try to avoid but actually enjoy when they spend time there

  • LinkedIn – professional mentor

  • YouTube – that friend that knows almost everything

Facebook. Oh Facebook. You make me oh so mad. We love you so much but you are really making this complicated now.

Your news coverage is making it hard to stick up for you. People don’t always read past the headline and they just think you’ve stolen their data.

Your products suck technically sometimes – how is this a thing when you are a tech company?

Why don’t you want to talk to me? Try to call but can’t find your number.

People tell me they don’t use you anymore. So this is what I tell them:

  • Have you found your favourite brands group page? These are purest, most wonderful places, where you can go back to the roots of Facebook and connect with people with the same love. Yes hi Beauty Pie Tried and Tested, love you all ❤️

  • And what about your local areas group page? Things don’t get funnier than these places.

  • Messenger – connect anywhere in the world. For free. No they aren’t listening.

  • Facebook memories – don’t you just love being reminded of that post 8 years ago when that boy was mean to you so you quoted a music lyric. I do.

  • Photos, glorious photos, at your disposal without taking up precious phone storage space

  • Family – because let’s be honest even my 74 year old dad can use Facebook better than his actual phone

  • Ads – don’t complain, there are some great companies out there doing some fabulous ads. The algorithm does work so if you’re seeing rubbish ads you’re probably looking at rubbish things. Oh and you can just hit hide ad

  • Stalking – what’s Julie from junior school up to? You’re still friends so take a look

  • Marketplace – that 1990s TV clogging up your spare room? Flogit on marketplace

And let’s not forget that despite the overwhelming evidence he’s a robot, Mark Z is a genius. A literal genius. A worldwide community built on a small thing called the internet. Don’t forget all the good it’s brought to the world too.


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