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11 things you only know about Britain when you work in social media research

When your life is spent reading, measuring and analysing social media conversations, you get a unique view into people’s psyches. Their hopes, dreams, and emojis.

  1. Bieber is everywhere. There is no escape.

  2. But so is Holly Willoughby. Is there anyone in Britain not following her? If you’re a mum it seems to be the law

  3. There are far, far more people talking about exercise than you’d ever suspect

  4. Tumblr is where all the really cool people are. But the assault on your eyeballs to read through Tumblr makes the cost/benefit tradeoff debateable

  5. Regional and age-specific dialects remain hugely prevalent in Britain – from London’s youth

  6. Every social channel has serious issues when trying to see through the smoke and mirrors around views, engagements and followers. There’s a vibrant industry of fakery. You can get through it, but with caution

  7. There’s more porn than you’d expect on Twitter. OR just a lot of men careless with buttoning their trousers yet fastidious on the waxing

  8. Everyone loves a GIF – seriously, engagement is higher when there’s a sniff of a GIF

  9. Places you’d never suspect are a pretty big deal on social – Stoke or Peterborough, you punch above your demographic weight when it comes to social

  10. Stepping slightly out of Britain, Brexit isn’t the only sign Europe is divided – different markets have surprisingly different channel usage, and areas of interest. (Here’s looking at you, Germany, you really love crafting)

  11. That use of a popular hashtag in no way correlates to the content of the post. Seriously, trolling for eyeballs has no shame

We’re open to additions. Evidence-based social truths, people. Tweet us.


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