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A year of living social trends

You’ve heard of the dice game.

Well, we’re going to spend 2017 doing the social media equivalent. Every month, we’re going to live a consumer trend, which we’ve identified via social data analysis.

We kicked things off with veganism before moving onto cycling, then things took a different direction with gin and currently we’re having a Spring health reset – April is the new January for health. 

Why are we doing this?

Well, firstly, we have the ability to predict and live the bleeding edge of consumer culture. Which means we can understand better, and sooner, the lives of those we’re aiming to engage with.

Secondly, one of the biggest problems facing any consultant, but especially those in the digital environment, is becoming too insular. There’s a bubble effect – confirmation of your beliefs, interests and lifestyle, through the self-selecting choices we make, and algorithms which reinforce those preferences. This ensures we step outside them. Finally, well, it’s fun. Or so we confidently believe. Time will tell if we’re right.


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