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B2B Technology – what’s changed in 2020?

What a difference a year makes. And when that year’s 2020, the difference is even greater…

How has this affected B2B technology topics?

Privacy, security – what’s grown, and what’s faded?

We have been tracking key B2B tech topics for 3 years now, and have identified key shifts, based on social data, in our latest research report. You can read it here, but here are the headlines:

  1. No surprise – digital workplaces have been a hot topic, accelerating from previous years

  2. Cities may have been quiet this year, but not when they’re smart – this continues to grow as a discussion topic

  3. Robotics picked up pace

  4. Fintech (finally) got consumer-orientated, shifting focus from tech providers to end-consumer applications

Why does all this matter?

Sure, it’s a lens on life, but it’s also actionable for organisations. What should you be discussing, where should you spend time connecting with buyers? What’s discussed, shared and clicked (in different ways) reflect priorities amongst decision-makers. It’s also about recognising that B2B tech shifts faster than some recognise – yes, there are multi-year trends (cloud, SaaS etc didn’t happen overnight) but things can also shift faster. Data privacy is a good example, which has declined markedly as a focus since GDPR implementation put it top of mind.

Can you spot these things sooner? Rather than wait for a year, can you spot things before others? We believe so.

Whilst this research looks at year-to-year shifts, if you want to incrementally win, digitally, we believe there is a competitive advantage in spotting things which are ‘pre-viral’ in their space. Chat to us to learn more: there is roughly a two-week ‘half-life for most B2B tech content, based on our analysis. So you have time to ‘win’, but not much, even if it could be the key to ABM (Account-Based Marketing) or social selling programmes…


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