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Growing great people

Being architects of what comes next requires, well, ‘architects’ (we are yet to hire an actual architect, for the avoidance of confusion – it’s a term we use to cover clients, colleagues and partners in identifying what next will be, and building it).

We do this by hiring the best, then giving them the opportunity to explore their excellence, in what we call a ‘coaching culture’. We focus on ‘coaching’, as people have a higher degree of autonomy and self-direction than in many workplaces, but we are performance-orientated. Coaching ensures that excellence grows, with a singular focus on driving individual and collective performance.

A key component of hiring the best is ‘growing our own’. We work at the cutting edge of a rapidly evolving industry, and we have a long-term aim for half the team to have started their careers with us. Why? We think it is a strong driver of culture, it’s a strong indicator of career development opportunities being present in abundance, and, frankly, we believe we can better equip people to learn to be architects of what comes next than anyone else.

2021 sees us build on the strengths of the internships we’ve run since our early months, which have formed the entry point for new talent. This year, to help fuel our continued growth, we’re expanding our entry-level recruitment to three distinct opportunities:

  1. Our existing 3-6 month internships will continue. They’ve identified brilliant people, many of whom work as experienced team members today. We advertise these when we have need – keep an eye on our LinkedIn page. These are open to any applicants. At the time of writing, we’ve got an Influencer Relationship Internship live

  2. We are introducing a Trainee scheme. All the details to apply here – but the key thing is that this is a programme to hire University graduates into the business on a permanent basis, with a structured one year programme

  3. We are creating 3-month Headstart internships – which are only available to people who AREN’T University graduates (or currently studying at University). This opportunity is based on some brilliant people we’ve had working with us, who hadn’t felt University was right for them. The opportunity has specific support built to create the ‘headstart’ to develop skills needed for architects of next which aren’t typically developed during school. You can apply here

This range of different opportunities is designed to ensure that the best talent can join, develop and grow within the team. As with everything we do, it’s based on analysing data – from our hiring to date, and the wider market, with the goal of driving excellence.

Let’s create what comes next.


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