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Hello, World

We’re excited. OneFifty is Go. So who are we? We’re a digital marketing consultancy who use data and behavioural modelling to help brands and organisations drive more purposeful digital interactions with the people who matter.

We’ve got a pretty straightforward ambition: to work with amazing people who want to be the architects of what comes next. They’re working in organisations, customers, stakeholders and creators of social content.

It’s a lot of time spent working in-house, in agencies, and in consultancies, which has led us to this point. A socially-led, data-rich world is the one we operate in, from customer service, to marketing, to communications. We’re building a team of people who want to be in an environment focussed on optimising their performance to build what comes next. We have the concept of an ‘academy of excellence’ – that this is the best place possible to perfect the right skills and techniques. Does that sound the right fit for you? Then why not talk to us? And read this if you want to understand a bit more about why we set up OneFifty.

If you’ve got the ambition to embrace the opportunity that the huge explosion of social data gives us, or apply human behaviour to your business operations, we’d love to discuss what we can do for you. You’d be joining brands like O2 and Virgin Active.

We’ll be doing business slightly differently to other consultancies, in that we’ll be telling you as much as possible about how to do what we do. Because, we believe that better business is better for everyone – and that if you do good, it comes back around. So, keep reading this blog, and our social channels, for practical insight you can apply. Our services are also a bit different to others. We offer consultancy, to help solve your challenges, but also data products, offering definite outputs your team can apply. Finally, we’re bringing together organisations and social content creators to produce new opportunities which better aligns everyone involved in the new content world.

So, we are busy, and we’ll continue to be so, building what comes next, with, for, and through, great people. Let’s Go.


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