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LinkedIn ‘Recommend to Employees’ feature - what you need to know

Linkedin’s ‘Recommend to employees’ feature has recently rolled out across all Company Pages. Whilst we are inherently sceptical of the long-standing trend for ‘features bloat’ across all social media platforms, this one’s actually got some utility.

What is the LinkedIn Recommend to Employees Feature?

A tool by which you can suggest content/posts inside LinkedIn, to your colleagues who have your company as their current employer on the platform. They can then easily post that content on their own LinkedIn pages.

Why use it?

Although there are services to provide curated ‘approved’ content to employees, they require third party integrations, and therefore relatively committed and tech-savvy colleagues. In short, it’s hassle. Because this is native within LinkedIn, it reduces a lot of that friction.

More broadly, however, LinkedIn is where people go to manage their professional identities. As organisations become ever-more attuned to the value of employee advocacy as a brand reputation tool, as well as a talent attraction and sales enablement tactic, providing streamlined tools to achieve this within the platform is very, very welcome.

The one challenge we’d note is that (currently) you can’t segment which employees see the content - i.e. you can’t supply one set of recommendations for sales colleagues, and another for finance colleagues, or one set for the property team, and one for the transport team.

How do you use it?

Here’s the official LinkedIn Recommend to Employees overview, which forms part of their broader efforts with the ‘my company’ tab they’ve introduced, which allows employees to engage privately within LinkedIn. Pretty simple, in the grand scheme of things.


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