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Stop, Collaborate and Listen.

Instagram's back with a brand new invention.

The world of Instagram continues to grow with yet another feature. Introducing ‘Collab’, short for… You get the drift. If you didn’t know about it already, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered on everything you need to know.

What is Instagram's new Collab feature?

You might’ve seen a glimpse of Instagram collab on your Instagram feed, as the UK and India are the two countries it has currently rolled out in. It allows the same piece of content to sit on two account pages, at the same time, essentially partnering the publishing of the content.

What are the benefits for brands who use Instagram Collab?

  • Content will be shown to a larger number of followers, simultaneously appearing on the Instagram feed of both accounts (seen by both of their followers)

  • Post stats will also be made available to both users, with comments and reactions for the post available in a single stream, allowing for greater transparency and visibility on influencer collaborations

  • Maximises engagement on branded posts and establish more collaborations between brands and influencers

  • There's the potential for a reduction in fees for posting on influencer pages, as it will become one and the same, but this is still to be confirmed...

What are the limitations currently?

Instagram Collab is currently only available to a selected group of creators, and only in the UK and India. These creators will see an option to invite another account on the tagging screen when posting or creating a photo/Reel, while everyone else has to wait for a wider rollout.

To see it live in action, here’s an example!

Interested in finding out more about Instagram Collabs? Get in touch.


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