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We’re 4!

That’s right, it’s our 4th birthday. Four years of using data and models of human behaviour to drive purposeful digital interactions with the people who matter. Four years of doing the work which comes next. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been a fellow Architect of Next and been part of our journey so far – team, clients, friends, family.


This only represents a slice of those people but we wanted to recognise the brands and organisations we’ve worked with to create what comes next, since January 2016.

Now, we don’t want to go on about all the great things over the last four years, so we’ll keep it to some of our highlights from the last 12 months… 

  • Recognised as one of the top 100 hottest startups in the UK for the second year running. It’s the one award we always wanted when we set up four years ago

  • Created an interactive ‘choose your own adventure’ Facebook canvas experience to generate leads for Zopa’s ISA product – which sold out early as a result

  • Helped [Yellow Tail] become the fastest growing top 10 branded wine by reaching new audiences through selected influencers, behavioural-led content and paid media

  • Created an Instagram filter for sprout lovers and haters for Toby Carvery – because while Christmas only starts when they’re back on the menu Toby knows they’re not for everyone 

  • Hosted an event for London’s scale-ups at Wood Wharf with Twitter VP, EMEA, Bruce Daisley on The Joy of Work. In advance of any business being able to move there, it helped show what the area will facilitate and the community it will generate. 

  • Got under the skin of TikTok, as it sees serious user growth and a similar cult-usage which marked out Twitter and Vine in their early days. We launched both OneFifty and Toby Carvery channels (are you following us? OneFifty Consultancy). 

  • Identified customer segments and journeys to create a digital strategy that drove online sales for houseof, a new e-commerce brand who are tearing up the UK lighting market  

  • Hosted an event on digital campaigning in a post Cambridge Analytica world, alongside Theo Bertram, former adviser to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. We discussed what really happens behind the scenes: the tactics, targeting and tantrums that may (and may not) impact Britain’s voters every day 

  • Worked on the General Election micro targeting marginal seats, via social, for Advance, who want to deliver genuine change and reform our political system

Research we’ve done

We’re all about data and we’ve done a number of research projects this year, separate to client work. Shout if you’d like to see any of the below and haven’t already. 

  • What scale up and tech driven business conversations looked like in 2019 on social, including how they have (and haven’t) changed across the year, and signals for 2020 

  • Kings Cross facial recognition reaction: who cares? It caused a media furore but how big was the issue, for whom, and what (if any) lessons can be learned from social media?

  • Burning issue: Amazon fires and how awareness has spread. We felt it had some interesting characteristics in terms of how, and why, the conversation developed online, and the inter-relationship between online communities and traditional media.

  • What are the rising and falling trends on Instagram when it comes to style? Is the flat lay in or out? 

What comes next? 

We already have a number of exciting things planned for 2020 but our overiding goal remains the same: Do the work which comes next. That means challenging ourselves and our partners. BUT to make this all happen we’re kicking off by…

  • Adding more great architects of next to the team (let us know if you recommend anyone, we’re looking at all levels)

  • Hosting a TikTok breakfast workshop at the beginning of February – what is it, why you should care and how it works. Let us know if you’re interested

  • Doing Valentine’s Day (ok, the 13th but close enough) a little differently this year – we’re hosting an evening drinks event which is fuelled by what the UK loves on social – think drinks, food, games, music. More details to follow soon

Want to be part of what comes next?

  • Keep reading and sharing – we’ve got a weekly newsletter with our pick of stories from the wider world about the changing social and data landscape. If you don’t get it, let us know and we’ll add you to the list 

  • In case you’ve missed it, Alex sends out his Think/Again email every weekend on interesting things he’s read that you might’ve missed

  • Say happy birthday (we won’t lie, we like it) on social media

Finally, if you’re looking at how you get better content in 2020, look no further than our sister company, Rogue Ponies. It brings together content-hungry brands with talented creators to produce more effective, efficient and social-appropriate videos and photography. We’ve matched up amazing creators with brands such as Staropramen, London Coffee Festival, Snazeroo, The Royal Mint, Aspalls and Brew Tea. 

Here’s to what comes next.

Katie & Alex 


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