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Ah September. You bring stormy weather (thunder and lightning occur most frequently in the 9th month of the year), spiders and that tingly back to school feeling. What is it about this time of year that gets us reaching for the reset button?

I didn’t schedule the start of my new job at OneFifty with our blog themes in mind, but it does seem like a funny coincidence I’ve decided to leap into a fresh new environment in September.  

Or is it?

After a huge spike the week following New Year, the next most popular time to look for a new role is in late May, early June. Given it takes an average of 3 to 4 months to interview and secure a new role, those in that spike stand a good chance of walking to their first day sometime in September.

Is too much of a stretch to think visualising a new start in September could be a common impetus behind a job hunt in June? For so many reasons, this month feels like just the right time to sink our teeth into a new challenge, perhaps something the start of the new academic year has ingrained into us over the years. We’ve had the whole of summer to gradually unwind and regroup, so we feel capable and determined to push ourselves towards a few more targets before the end of the year.

This month is the start of the farming calendar when new tenancies traditionally begin and those working on the land begin to sow new seeds after harvest. Even though most of us no longer have any link to agriculture, this rhythm, as old as the hills, might still be influencing the way look at September.

Keen to know more about what a new start at OneFifty involves? I’m reliably informed there’s a whole interview with me coming soon, so consider this a teaser…


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