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Questions I get asked: "Is this the easiest TikTok dance trend yet?"

If you’ve been on the Internet at all this week you’ll have seen this viral TikTok / Reels trend blowing up…

What we’re calling the ‘banging hands together to aggressive music and answering questions trend’ (otherwise known as the “Questions I get asked” or “‘chopping dance” trend) has been around for a couple of weeks, but is everywhere right now.

We’ve seen Olympic athletes jumping on it as well as influencers and content creators; in fact we can’t open up Instagram without seeing videos of people looking like they’re about to start doing the Mash Potato dance.

Here’s everything you need to know…


The Magic Bomb - Hoang Read (listen once and it’s going to be in your head FOREVER)

How to do it:

Use the TikTok text function to add text at the beginning of the video before the beat kicks in:

“Questions I get asked as a [insert your niche]”.

For the dance, make fists and bang them together in time with the initial beats. Clap. Then it’s some variety of trigger fingers or pointing whilst you have your answer up on screen, and repeat.

Is this the easiest ‘dance’ trend yet?

It’s definitely easier than others we’ve seen...

Why should I jump on it?

This is more than just dancing (which people love to watch on TikTok anyway) - it’s an opportunity for creators to respond to questions that their audience either constantly ask, or are too nervous to ask.

Should brands jump on it?

If you have a face or person representing your brand on TikTok and Reels already, such as a founder, then go for it. Here’s a few ideas for you…

“Questions I get asked about starting my own business”

“Questions I get asked about being a co-founder”

“Questions I get asked about balancing running my business and making TikToks….”

How do I make TikToks…

Here’s a short guide on our blog to uploading your first TikTok...

Can someone make them for me?

No problem. Speak to the team at OneFifty Studio, the experts in making #ScrollStopping content on Tiktok and Reels.


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