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A phenomenal return - using influencers to drive Airbnb bookings

Airbnb tasked us with using influencers to get bookings back on track in a post-pandemic world.


We were tasked with planning and executing a social influencer campaign to help tier-1 EMEA cities get back on track, post Covid, and help hosts struggling with a lack of interest.


Why influencers? Influencers can help us show to a broader audience that travelling back to cities is: safe, interesting, easy to do and ‘cool’. The mechanic was simple – select the right influencer that fit the Airbnb aesthetic and audience, and also had the engagement rate to drive website traffic (and bookings!). Then send them to one of six key cities.


In 4 weeks we secured 13 influencers, who posted 60 pieces of content between them and provided an astounding additional 754 for organic and paid use by Airbnb. The content they posted saw average engagement rate of 9.7% (target 6%) and their actual organic reach was over 1.5M (target 1.3M – 50% of followers). Influencer content used as paid media directly drive over 6,200 bookings. That’s a phenomenal return.



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