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Watches meet wine

Using emotional resonance with sophisticated targeting to drive sales of luxury watches with Watchfinder.


Our challenge was how do you identify the growth audiences who have both emotional resonance and propensity to buy (i.e. they want it, and can afford it)?
We undertook a data-fuelled and behavioural-led campaign for the market leader for pre-owned luxury watch resales.


We used network mapping techniques to profile our core watch audience and then looked for new audience groups with affinity interests giving us the ‘fine wine audience’. The right influencers were key, we needed individuals with a disproportionate influence and five in particular reached at least 60% of our target audience, then we matched their wine with Watchfinder & Co’s top watch expert and he matched their unique story to a watch.

They created video content for their channels, we then played back cut downs of this content to our new audience, retargeting engaged viewers.


We reached 65% of our new audience (1.25M) people in our new audience, moving 125,000 people into active consideration, and 49 people added a watch to their cart on a site.



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