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iQ: The Power of Parent Influencers

There are more than 50 iQ properties across 27 UK cities, which attract both domestic and international students.


We provide brand building, campaign strategy, acquisition marketing (through paid social), issues management and ad-hoc social support.


We launched iQ's 'Refreshers' campaign to target the decision-makers of students' accommodation choices through an integrated influencer campaign driving reach and engagement.

Parents hold both financial and decision-making influence when selecting private student accommodation, however they are difficult and expensive to reach. Our ‘Refreshers’ campaign specifically targeted them. We sent two parent influencers - with children of near student age - back to relive their uni days. They spent two days at an iQ property, bringing to life all the amenities and features.


Average engagement rate of 3.48% on Twitter and 2% on Facebook showing that iQ content is more readily consumed when delivered by third parties. All content repurposed across iQ channels (organic and paid) – an effective way of generating owned content, and across the year we reached 70% of our prospective audience multiple times.



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