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Smashing beautiful launch targets for tolpa

Launching a new beauty brand in the UK, tolpa needed to be across different platforms and reach new customers at different stages in their purchase journey.


Our mission was to ensure customers went onto the tolpa product pages on LloydsPharmacy.


We used paid social as the primary way to discover tolpa, retargeting to drive purchase. Alongside that we ran PPC to harvest available in-market people with specific intent whilst using influencers for discovery, validation, content production. Alongside that was the organic social content for validation to encourage consideration and the “this is the brand for me” message.


We had targets and we smashed them.

We sold out of the hero product by 13th September, beating our Nov target! We used 18 influencers to seed half a million people providing the surround sound for the paid activation. Paid reached over 2million unique people with 33,800 clicks to tolpa product pages and drove 115.6k clicks to the LloydsPharmacy website.



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