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The 21 Day Challenge with Green Cola

An influencer campaign to help people kick their aspartame habit and make healthier choices.


It’s often said it takes 21 days to make a habit but that also means it takes 21 days to break one. Green Cola is an independent British brand setting new standards in soft drinks. As the country looked to improve health during lockdown, we came to the fore with its 21 Day Challenge to help people kick that aspartame habit.


We took a behavioural-led approach to drive genuine change (and sales). We identified and activated target influencers and they received a 21-day survival kit and shared their journey on social, documenting their experience and generating conversation. This content was re-shared on Green Cola.

We initially started with 10 micro influencers who nominated friends to take the same challenge, but it very quickly became a self-sustaining content generator and ongoing influencer program (due to the pyramid effect).


We have had 140 influencers creating 150 pieces of content reaching 2.5M people - half of our target mum HCP audience - and generating over 50K engagements. It’s transformed the attitudes of Health-Conscious Pragmatist mums towards nasties. «

How do we know that? Because Green Cola is now the number 1 selling cola on Amazon (previously being number 3) and trebled sales since March. What’s more, by August 2020, the volume of owned impressions, engagements, and new followers (+1.1k) had surpassed the total seen in the entirety of 2019.

This was entirely down to our social media efforts as the only marketing or PR activity.



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