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Beautiful (results) on the horizon for Mazda

"Beautiful is on the horizon" is the single most successful social media campaign in driving prospects that Mazda has ever done.


In 2021, Mazda UK launched the all-new CX-30 – we needed a socially led campaign to get in front of an entirely new audience - prospecting whilst building advocacy - delivering high quality earned content and creating owned content to drive engagement.


The theme of summer 2021 was about having fun and staycations. We brought to life how Mazda combines these to expand people’s horizons. Using a beautiful, state of the art location – Luna Domes – we hosted 5 top-tier influencers and created content that was played back across a four-week period, alongside key messages, in multiple channels to an audience with the highest propensity to.


In a four-week period, our defined audience of 2.6M people saw the CX-30 3-4 times. 110 people requested a test drive directly from the paid ads we ran, and a further 116 used the car configurator (a strong indicator of purchase intent).  It was also hugely cost effective - selling just two CX-30’s covers all costs.



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