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Bossing It' with Sage

A deep data dive into audience analytics surged Sage's social reach to 50 million.


How do you get multiple people – from everyday accountants to well-known business people like NOTHS founder Holly Tucker talking about accountancy software? That’s the challenge for Sage and its global influencer program.


The program started with the data – mapping who holds genuine influence to Sage’s potential customers – accountants, business owners and those thinking about starting a business – and the value exchange they’d require (what they’d need to advocate).

We then devised an ongoing series of activations with influential individuals around topics that were relevant to them and Sage – from Twitter chats reaching 3M people to Tiktokers showing how they’ve bossed it in 2021.


50M earned reach in 12 months with a roster of 150 influencers who regularly advocate for Sage, about the topics it wants to be known for.



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