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A year living social trends: A new hobby for life reset

As part of September’s ‘life reset’, the trend OneFifty is living this month, we’ve identified four ways in which people reset: renewing, restarting, upgrading, and starting something new. Four noble members of the team have each taken up one of these challenges. Katie’s challenge is to start something new, and for this we’ve decided to let social data determine her new hobby.

To find out exactly what hobby Katie should take up, we first turned to Facebook Audience Insights, which would be able to give us the key demographic stats on a variety of different interests and hobbies.

We started by inputting the key criteria which would need to remain the same for each search: Katie’s gender and location. This would then filter down our search to only women living in London, a good starting point for then refining hobbies by age, education, marital status, and job. The next task was to think of some hobbies which might be taken up by women Katie’s age – this lead us to the Google search query: ‘what are good hobbies for women in their thirties?’ (she tried to claim 20s, no one’s believing that…).

Aside from some unsurprising popular choices such as yoga and horse riding, we found some pretty interesting suggestions: pole dancing, foraging and knitting, to name a few. After some serious deliberation, we had our shortlist: baking, ballroom dancing, horse riding, pole dancing, knitting, yoga, volunteering and foraging.

Some interesting facts from our findings:

  1. 21% of London women who are interested in pole dancing work in a management role, and are 50% less likely to be married.

  2. London women with a university education make up 68% of those who are interested in knitting, and make up 70% of those interested in volunteering.

  3. 34% of London women who are interested in foraging are aged between 25 and 34; the largest age category for this hobby. Whether this means foraging in the woods or through people’s bins remains unconfirmed.

With the percentages given for each demographic category, we took an average to produce an overall compatibility score. And the winner was…. Baking! Here are the stats:

  1. 25-34 years old = 35%

  2. Married = 47% (London women are 13% more likely to be in this category)

  3. University education = 67%

  4. Work in management = 25% (London women are 4% more likely to be in this category)

In addition, this year the baking conversation gained 242,570 mentions on Twitter from 177,900 users, with 60% of chatter coming from women, and 35.4% from London.

On top of that, some of the top influencers within this baking conversation, such as Suzy Pelta and Juliet Sear, are women in their thirties who live in London. It seems as though Katie and baking were destined to come together for September’s life reset.

As to be expected, everyone in the office was delighted with this outcome, and can’t wait to be Katie’s guinea pigs this month as she treats us all to some (hopefully) Bake Off worthy creations. The fact she has barely baked before is not a concern. There will be no soggy bottoms in this office.


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