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A year living social trends: marble, an Interview with blogger Abi Dare, These Four Walls

For those of you that don’t know, we at OneFifty have identified a different trend each month from veganism to gin (we like to keep things interesting). This month, it’s Marble. With 2.4M hashtags on Instagram and its large use amongst influencers (check out Natalie Glaze, Twice The Health or Tally Rye), marble is most definitely on trend. But why has marble become so big? Who better to give us a better understanding of this trend than an insider to the blogosphere…

Enter Abi. Writer, photographer, cat lover, blogger, interior-design addict, AND lover of all things marble. She writes These Four Walls. Her social visual identity, defined by Abi herself, is “a blend of Nordic minimalism and English bohemia”. One look at her instagram or blog and you can clearly see how marble complements that. We sat down with Abi to look at where this marble trend came from, why it did, and whether she thinks it’s hear to stay.

Why do you think marble has become so popular with influencers? Marble is a classic material that just works so well in all sorts of settings and compositions. From contemporary homes to rustic flatlays, marble can complement a range of different tastes and styles. It also provides a bit of background texture, without being so fussy that it overpowers photographs.

When did you start using marble on your Instagram and why? I have a lot of marble in my home, which is where I style and shoot a lot of my images, so it evolved naturally in a way; it was never really a conscious decision. That said, I do like the way it adds a cohesive look to my gallery; my gallery has a cool tone and features a lot of grey, so marble works in well with that. The fact that marble can be used so diversely has also led me to use it a lot; I’ve used it to photograph everything from Christmas decorations to summer cocktails.

What would you say is your favorite marble item? I have a lot of marble in my own home from tables and countertops, to chopping boards and bowls. My favourite marble pieces would have to be my two marble chopping boards from Rose & Grey, and Rockett St George, both of which I love and use all the time. The one from Rose & Grey consists of half marble and half wooden materials which produces a striking contrast – one section smooth and cool to touch, the other rustic and warm. They’re wonderful to style, and they’re unbreakable, which is a bonus (I’m rather clumsy!).

Do you think the use of marble will continue to grow? Definitely, I don’t think it will ever go away. Sleek white marble is one of those timeless, elegant materials that looks beautiful on everything from kitchen worktops to bathroom floors. Especially as the marble trend has grown, it’s become easy to introduce elements of marble through accessories, and there are lots of affordable products on the market at the moment. It’s been around for thousands of years and as we’ve seen, it works in contemporary settings as well as historic ones.

What’s the next big thing that Instagrammer will use to pretty up their images? Over the last year or so, there’s been a move towards Instagram images which are a little more ‘real’ – images that are pretty without being perfect. As a result, I could see backdrops such as gently crumpled linen becoming increasingly popular, materials that represent the beauty of the perfectly imperfect reality of instagrammers.

Classic? Check. Versatile? Check. The must have material for all your instagram photos? Double check. So there you have it; it seems that marble is here to stay.


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