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A year of living social trends: Eating the April health reset foods

This month the social trend we’re living is health reset. Food is a key element to the Easter period and that post-chocolate indulgence sees a considerable increase in search volumes and social posts about health resets and diet change.

Our research identified the foods that are driving the current social conversation, so to really live it it’s only right to tuck in… This is how I found it.


  1. Something I buy fairly regularly but not every week. I normally eat it steamed or the classic, avec cheese.

  2. In the name of trying something new, I mixed it up and tried cauliflower rice and a stir fry (of sorts). “Cauliflower rice” is actually pretty good – and a useful carb substitute. Just blend it into small pieces and roast it. Add a touch of olive oil and the tiniest addition of pepper and cumin (didn’t want to blow my head off – I’m a sensitive chap).

  3. I then branched out and tried chopped cauliflower, lightly fried in coconut oil and mixed with other veg (onion, carrot, broccoli, courgette) with egg fried rice. Not a bad effort, left me feeling quite full.



  1. This was the one I thought I was probably least likely to adopt. I’m not a tea drinker (you add it to a hot drink) but gave it a go. I drafted in some help from some more experienced Matcha consumers, Olivia and Natalie, who did a great job of creating a matcha latte with almond milk.

  2. It smelt like a liquified digestive biscuit and just tasted a bit earthy. I’m not really sure if it was the almond milk or the matcha I didn’t really like but it was definitely something. I didn’t finish, not really for me, not convinced I’m missing out too much.


  1. My aversion to spice made me slightly nervous that this would be another to “try but shelve”. It turns out it’s not a spice and actually not too bad.

  2. I sprinkled it on various foods and it tasted fine. The photo below shows it on an egg I topped my ‘egg fried cauliflower’ with.

  3. I believe in science and there is yet to be any proof that turmeric has any anti-inflammatory benefit. Fake news, don’t believe it but that wouldn’t stop me sprinkling it on stuff to add some colour and flavour. And you never know, maybe it does do something…


Overall verdict – what I’m going back to

  1. Cauliflower: definitely because it’s a viable lower calorie carb and a good addition to my diet when doing a health reset. I’ll be buying more.

  2. Matcha: this one isn’t making it into my cupboard, I’m sure others will say differently but I don’t think I’m missing much.

  3. Turmeric: yes, but not as part of a health reset (because I don’t believe it has any extraordinary properties). Main bonus here – guests to my flat think I’ve gone all exotic.


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